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    • Choices for Growth: Quality of Life and the Natural Environment 

      Jacob, John (2006-03-31)
      As our towns and cities grow, we have choices to make about our natural areas, our historic heritage, our mobility, our sense of community, and even our health and safety. The loss of natural areas and the beneficial effect ...
    • Decontaminating Flooded Wells (Spanish) 

      Boellstorff, Diana; Dozier, Monty; Provin, Tony; Dictson, Nikkoal; McFarland, Mark L. (2007-10-08)
      This publication explains how to decontaminate and disinfect a well, test the well water and check for well damage after a flood.
    • Designing a Real-time Strategy Game about Sustainable Energy Use 

      Doucet, Lars Andreas (2011-08-08)
      This thesis documents the development of a video game about sustainable energy use that unites fun with learning. Many other educational games do not properly translate knowledge, facts, and lessons into the language of ...
    • Disinfecting Water Wells by Shock Chlorination (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L. (2007-10-05)
      If your well has been flooded, it must be shock chlorinated before it can be used as a source of drinking water. This publication explains how to disinfect a well using either dry chlorine or liquid household bleach.
    • Drinking Water Problems: Iron and Manganese (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L. (2004-02-20)
      Iron and manganese can give water an unpleasant taste, odor and color. In this publication you'll learn how to know whether your water contains iron or manganese and how to eliminate these contaminants with various treatment ...
    • Drinking Water Problems: Lead (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L. (2004-02-20)
      Lead in drinking water can damage the brain, kidneys, nervous system and red blood cells. This publication explains how lead can enter drinking water, how to have your water tested, and how to eliminate lead from drinking water.
    • Drinking Water Problems: Arsenic (Spanish) 

      Lesikar, Bruce J.; Melton, Rebecca; Hare, Michael; Hopkins, Janie; Dozier, Monty (2006-06-19)
      High levels of arsenic in drinking water can poison and even kill people. This publication explains the symptoms of arsenic poisoning and common treatment methods for removing arsenic from your water supply.
    • Drinking Water Problems: Copper (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L.; Lesikar, Bruce J. (2006-01-25)
      High levels of copper in drinking water can cause health problems. This publication explains the effects of copper in water and methods of removing it. 4 pp.
    • Drinking Water Problems: Nitrates (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; Melton, Rebecca; Hare, Michael; Hopkins, Janie; Lesikar, Bruce J. (2006-05-03)
      High levels of nitrates in drinking water can be harmful for very young infants and susceptible adults. This publication explains how people are exposed to nitrates, what are the health effects of nitrates in drinking water ...
    • Drinking Water Problems: Perchlorate (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; Melton, Rebecca; Hare, Michael; Porter, Dana; Lesikar, Bruce J. (2006-02-21)
      Perchlorate is a potential contaminate of well water that can have harmful effects on human health. Methods of removing perchlorate from water are described and illustrated. There is information to help well owners select ...
    • Drinking Water Problems: Radionuclides (Spanish) 

      Lesikar, Bruce J.; Melton, Rebecca; Hare, Michael; Hopkins, Janie; Dozier, Monty (2006-12-21)
      Radionuclides in drinking water can cause serious health problems for people. This publication explains what the sources of radionuclides in water are, where high levels have been found in Texas, how they affect health and ...
    • Drinking Water Standards (Spanish) 

      Dozier, Monty; McFarland, Mark L. (2006-04-26)
      This publication explains the federal safety standards for drinking water provided by public water supply systems. It discusses the legal requirements for public water supplies, the maximum level allowed for contaminants ...
    • Effect of flue gas impurities on the process of injection and storage of carbon dioxide in depleted gas reservoirs 

      Nogueira de Mago, Marjorie Carolina (Texas A&M University, 2005-11-01)
      Previous experiments - injecting pure CO2 into carbonate cores - showed that the process is a win-win technology, sequestrating CO2 while recovering a significant amount of hitherto unrecoverable natural gas that could ...
    • Effects of Heat Stress and Increased Protein Fed in Milk Replacers on the Health and Growth Parameters of Neonatal Holstein Bull Calves 

      Krenek, Andrew (2012-10-19)
      Objectives of the study were to evaluate if calves fed 6 L of high protein milk replacer (HPMR; 1135 g/d, 28% crude protein (CP), 20% fat) had improved performance and health as compared to calves fed 4 L of a conventional ...
    • Environmental Laws Affecting Farmers and Ranchers 

      McEowen, Roger A. (1999-06-23)
      The United States tries to handle environmental problems primarily by regulating the use of natural resources. This affects farmers and ranchers in many ways. This publication discusses the various federal regulatory ...
    • High-Fidelity Nuclear Energy System Optimization towards an Environmentally Benign, Sustainable, and Secure Energy Source 

      Ames, David E. (2011-10-21)
      A new high-fidelity integrated system method and analysis approach was developed and implemented for consistent and comprehensive evaluations of advanced fuel cycles leading to minimized Transuranic (TRU) inventories. The ...
    • Managing Nuisance Odor and Dust from Poultry Growing Operations 

      Mukhtar, Saqib; Lacey, Ron; Carey, John B. (2001-08-08)
      The odor and dust from poultry growing operations can be a nuisance to neighbors. The tips for managing odor and dust contained in this leaflet cover the disposal of dead birds, maintenance of the ventilation system, ...
    • Multi-Objective Analysis of a Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Process from Economic, Safety, and Environmental Perspectives 

      Choi, Jinyoung (2017-07-25)
      One of the most important challenges facing chemical engineers today is developing more efficient processes that reduce the discharge of greenhouse gasses (GHG) and the usage of material and energy resources. Furthermore, ...
    • Nearby Outdoor Environmental Support of Older Adults' Yard Activities, Neighborhood Walking and Independent Living in the Community 

      Wang, Zhe (2011-02-22)
      Aging is a global phenomenon. Ways to sustain older adults' aging-in-place in the 'community at-large' (defined as traditional communities where most people live) have been overlooked. Consciously engaging in physical ...
    • Particulate Matter: What is it and Why does it Matter to Agriculture? 

      Mukhtar, Saqib; McGee, Russell (2009-04-16)
      Particulate matter is the dust and other small particles that are suspended in the air. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates particulate matter because it can cause health problems when inhaled. This publication ...