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    • The aesthetic turn in the face of nihilism 

      Craig, Benjamin Taylor (Texas A&M University, 2008-10-10)
      This thesis outlines one's overcoming of nihilism by consulting two figures, Martin Heidegger and John Dewey. Each thinker holds a pivotal role for art, such that, a turn to the aesthetic allows the individual to overcome ...
    • John Dewey's theory of inquiry: an interpretation of a classical American approach to logic 

      Deters, Troy Nicholas (Texas A&M University, 2006-08-16)
      During the 20th century, John Dewey introduced a new idea with respect to the nature of logical theory: He presented a portrait of logic as a theory about how organisms interact and maintain an integrated balance between ...
    • The public philosophy of John Dewey and the evolution of law enforcement 

      Patterson, Michael Lewis (Texas A&M University, 2004-09-30)
      This thesis identifies the convergence between John Dewey's ideas regarding the public and the evolution of law enforcement practices. There are four areas covered, those being responses to major shifts in cultural activities ...