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    • Medium Effects on the Rho-Meson 

      Asakawa, M.; Ko, Che Ming. (American Physical Society, 1993)
      The property of a rho meson in dense nuclear matter is studied using the QCD sum rule. The spectral function appearing on the hadronic side of the sum rule is evaluated in the vector dominance model that takes into account ...
    • Rho Meson in Dense Hadronic Matter 

      Asakawa, M.; Ko, Che Ming; Levai, P.; Qiu, X. J. (American Physical Society, 1992)
      The spectral function of a rho meson that is at rest in dense hadronic matter and couples strongly to the pion is studied in the vector dominance model by including the effect of the delta-hole polarization on the pion. ...
    • Transport Model with Quasipions 

      Xiong, L.; Ko, Che Ming; Koch, V. (American Physical Society, 1993)
      We extend the normal transport model to include the medium effect on pions by treating them as quasiparticles. The property of the quasipion is determined using the delta-hole model. Modelling heavy-ion collisions at ...