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    • Acoustic Behavior of Flow From Fracture To Wellbore 

      Chen, Kyle (2015-04-23)
      Acoustic sensing technology has a long history of being implemented in the oil and gas industry; from the early days of measuring seismic activity to determine oil and gas reserve to the present day technology such as fiber ...
    • Diagnosis of Fracture Flow Conditions with Acoustic Sensing 

      Martinez, Roberto (2014-07-10)
      Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is an emerging technology in hydraulic fracture diagnosis. Current uses of DAS systems have been limited to qualitative analysis that pinpoint noise sources, such as injection into formation ...
    • History and Analysis of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Oilfield Applications 

      Kimbell, Jeremiah (2013-05-15)
      The inherent nature of distributed acoustic sensing technology is a direct result of two key components: optical fiber and the speed of light. Because the speed of light is constant and optical fiber is an isolated medium, ...