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    • Design of a Natural Ventilation System in the Dunhuang Museum 

      Zhang, Y.; Guan, W. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2006)
      Fresh air and good air quality can be obtained by a natural ventilation system, to fulfill the requirement of near natural conditions for the psychological health of mankind. A natural ventilation system is an ecological, ...
    • Inspection, Assessment, and Repair of Grouted Ducts in Post-tensioned Bridge 

      Im, Seok Been (2011-02-22)
      Segmental post-tensioned (PT) bridges are major structures that carry significant traffic. Recent investigations of these bridges have identified voids in their ducts. and some of these exposed strands at these void locations ...
    • Study of Conjugate Heat Transfer of a Spark-Ignited Natural Gas Engine Cylinder 

      Mashayekh, Alireza Sadegh (2017-07-31)
      Large bore two-stroke natural gas engines are facing more stringent emission regulations in the near future. In order to comply with these new regulations, engine manufacturers have to modify their engines. Redesigning ...