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    • The African Cattle egret in Texas and its relation to the Little blue heron, Snowy egret, and Louisiana heron 

      Telfair, Raymond Clark (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1979)
      This study includes: 1) arrival, range expansion, seasonal distribution, and migration; 2) nesting habitats; 3) food habits; 4) reproduction; 5) population dynamics; 6) pesticide residues; 7) species interrelations; and ...
    • Avian use of fencerow habitat in a predominantly agricultural area 

      Owens, Lynne Karolee (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1989)
      I censused 13 fencerows in a highly cultivated area of Burleson County, Texas from August 1983-June 1985 to determine seasonal use of fencerows by birds, including changes in species richness and abundance and the association ...
    • Avifauna of the Concho Valley of west-central Texas : with special reference to historical change 

      Maxwell, Terry Clyde (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1979)
      Southwestern aridlands have undergone extensive changes in the broad pattern of vegetation since the mid-19th century. In West-Central Texas, woody plant species, primarily mesquite (Prosopis qlandulosa) and red-berry ...
    • The bioenergetics of roost site selection for great-tailed grackles 

      Carlson, Steven Jo (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1983)
      A model depicting the flow of energy through a great-tailed grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) during the winter season in Texas is described. The model is based on information from literature and field observations on distance ...
    • Breeding cycle of the Red-tailed Tropic-bird (Phaethon rubricauda) on Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaiian Islands 

      Fleet, Robert Ryland (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1972)
      The breeding cycle of the Red-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda) on Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaiian Islands, was studied during 1964 and 1965. Study methods included direct observation of marked nests and of ...
    • Breeding ecology of the mourning dove on the Texas A & M University campus 

      Bivings, Albert Eugene (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1980)
      This study collected data on mourning doves on the Texas A&M University campus, College Station, Texas from 1978 through 1979. During this study 2,258 doves were banded and 1,620 were recaptured for a total of 3,878 ...
    • The calcium reserve/basement membrane complex of the avian eggshell : implications for development of calcium translocation and respiratory functions 

      Dieckert, Marilyne Crill (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1992)
      A well-defined subregion of the mammillary knob of the avian eggshell, designated the calcium reserve assembly (CRA), is identified as a specialized structure housing the calcium reserve for the embryo. Embedded in the ...
    • Controlling Feral Pigeons 

      Texas Wildlife Services (2008-04-15)
      Excessive numbers of pigeons in cities, suburbs or parks can create a nuisance and a health threat. Control methods include roost elimination, noise-making devices, traps, poisons and shooting.
    • Controlling House Sparrows 

      Texas Wildlife Services (2008-04-15)
      The small English or house sparrow is common in urban and suburban areas. Their droppings kill vegetation and damage car finishes. They also carry diseases, parasites and insects. This publication lists control methods and ...
    • Controlling Roosting Birds in Urban Areas 

      Texas Wildlife Services (2006-09-06)
      Roosting birds include blackbirds, starlings, grackles and cowbirds. Like pigeons and sparrows, their droppings cause problems and they carry diseases. This publication describes various methods of control.
    • Controlling Woodpecker Damage 

      Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service (2008-04-15)
      Several species of woodpeckers, flickers and sapsuckers live in Texas. They can be destructive when they drill holes in wooden structures. This publication discusses various controls and alternative methods for eliminating ...
    • Counting Quail 

      Rollins, Dale; Brooks, Jason; Wilkins, Neal; Ransom, Dean (2005-10-05)
      Landowners and managers need a way of estimating quail populations to determine whether quail management practices are successful. Several direct and indirect methods of counting quail are described, including roadside ...
    • Cover and space requirements of Attwater's prairie chicken (Tympanuchus Cupido Attwateri) in Refugio County, Texas 

      Horkel, John D. (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1979)
      Data on the ranges, movements, reproductive activities, and associated cover types of the Attwater's prairie chicken were collected from 1 January 1976 through 31 August 1977, on the 6,400 ha Lake Pasture of the O'Connor ...
    • Curing and Smoking Poultry 

      Denton, James H. (1999-11-10)
      Cured and smoked poultry is a taste-tempting treat. Easy directions lead the reader step-by-step through the process of selecting poultry, preparing and injecting the brine, soaking and draining the carcass, and smoking ...
    • Distribution, colony characteristics, and population status of least terns breeding on the Texas coast 

      Thompson, Bruce Carlyl (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1982)
      Seasonal movements, colony site selection, and population status of the least tern (Sterna albifrons) were studied throughout the Texas coast during 1979-81. Existing procedures for monitoring population trend also were ...
    • Dove Management in Texas 

      Taylor, Ben; Johnson, Jason; Roberson, Jay; Schwertner, T. Wayne; Silvy, Nova; Linex, Ricky (2006-05-03)
      For landowners and managers wishing to establish or improve dove-hunting enterprises, this publication explains dove biology and habitat, strategies for making a property more attractive to doves, shooting field management ...
    • Economic Impact of the Texas Poultry Industry 

      Carey, John B. (2004-12-02)
      It is estimated that the Texas poultry industry contributes more than $1.6 billion to the state's economy, according to results of a survey of broiler, egg and turkey producers operating in 2003. Details about industry ...
    • The Epidemiologic Aspects of Salmonella Shedding in Wild Birds of TExas 

      Grigar, Mary Katherine (2018-08-05)
      Wildlife have become increasingly important as vectors for zoonotic disease. As reservoirs, wild birds have some of the greatest potential to disseminate pathogens across a large area. Due to its broad host range and public ...
    • Establishing a Birding-Related Business 

      Scott, David; Callahan, Ashley (2000-05-04)
      Birdwatching is the fastest growing outdoor recreational activity in the U.S. This guide is for persons planning a business that caters to birdwatchers. It is based on research in Texas and across the country, and includes ...
    • Habitat Appraisal Guide for Rio Grande Wild Turkey 

      Cathey, James; Locke, Shawn; Ransom, Dean; DeMaso, Stephen; Schwertner, T. Wayne; Collier, Bret (2007-09-04)
      The Rio Grande wild turkey habitat appraisal guide gives landowners and managers a standardized, systematic way to evaluate current habitat conditions. It can be used to identify limiting factors. It also contains suggestions ...