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    • A biophysical model of aquatic organism growth 

      Yamaguchi, Royji (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1981)
      The dynamics of growth in aquatic organisms were mathematically described in this study. The growth rate equation, a function of organism weight, food availability and oxygen concentration, was developed employing a Growth ...
    • Mixture models of stochastic compartmental systems 

      Ebaseh-Onofa, Benjamin Ovesuo (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1988)
      Stochastic compartmental models based on retention time distributions with random rate parameters are derived for the single compartment system and the two-compartment irreversible system. Often when the mixing distributions ...
    • Modeling seasonal development of the sorghum midge, Contarinia Sorghicola (Coquillett) 

      Baxendale, Frederick Pau (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1983)
      Two separate temperature-dependent models were formulated which described spring emergence from overwintering and development of nondiapausing generations of the sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola (Coquillett) (Diptera: ...
    • Student Looks Through Microscope, number 01 

      College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences