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    • Auditing the Quality of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Studies 

      Alshethry, Faisal Abdulrahman M (2017-07-20)
      The petrochemical industry is subject to various federal and local regulations and requirements that are challenging to meet and resource-intensive. Time and human factors often lead to a “check box” mentality where ...
    • Earnings Management Pressure on Audit Clients: Auditor Response to Analyst Forecast Signals 

      Newton, Nathan J. (2013-06-26)
      This study investigates whether auditors respond to earnings management pressure created by analyst forecasts. Analyst forecasts create an important earnings target for management, and professional standards direct auditors ...
    • Monitoring and Management of Refinery Energy Consumption 

      Pelham, R. O.; Moriarty, R. D.; Hudgens, P. D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1986-06)
      Since 1972, the U.S. refining industry has made much progress in reducing energy consumption. Lately, falling energy prices have de-emphasized the need to appropriate new capital for additional energy conservation ...