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    • Attributes of Indoor Environmental Quality to Earth-sheltered Building Design 

      Sheta, S. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2010)
      This paper discusses the environmental attributes to underground building shape and configuration, materials, structures, use, maintenance, lighting, occupancy, and management. These criteria are hypothesized to be of more ...
    • Discrete Triangulated Meshes for Architectural Design and Fabrication 

      Singh, Mayank (2012-07-16)
      Recent innovations in design and construction of architectural buildings has led us to revisit the metrics for discretizing smooth freeform shapes in context with both aesthetics and fabrication. Inspired by the examples ...
    • Remote collaboration in the design studio 

      George, Abey M. (Texas A&M University, 2005-08-29)
      Information technology offers many tools for promoting collaboration and communication in architectural design. A growing number of companies and individuals are adopting computer-based techniques to facilitate remote ...