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    • Energy Conservation Through the Use of Modular Refractory Fiber Linings - An Unexpected Divided 

      Kleeman, L. A.; Mewhinney, T. R.; Proctor, S. J. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1979)
      Several years ago, J T Thorpe Company embarked on a search for the ideal refractory lining. The primary design consideration was the development of a refractory lining system that was cost effective, met furnace design ...
    • Operating Experience with a Large Fluidized-Bed Gasifier of Woodwaste 

      Guard, R. F. W. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1982)
      The town of Hearst in northern Ontario is the location of many forest product industries. One enterprising manufacturer of plywood and particleboard found that his daily production of waste almost exactly equaled in energy ...
    • An Update in the Development of Alternate Liquid Fuels 

      Rose, M. J. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1979)
      Since the development of "Alternate Liquid Fuels" (ALF) in FY '77 approximately 16.6 million gallons of ALF have been produced, and consumed at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Conservatively this represents an initial ...