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    • Nonlinear optics via double dark resonances 

      Yelin, S. F.; Sautenkov, V. A.; Kash, M. M.; Welch, George R.; Lukin, M. D. (American Physical Society, 2003)
      Double dark resonances originate from a coherent perturbation of a system displaying electromagnetically induced transparency. We experimentally show and theoretically confirm that this leads to the possibility of extremely ...
    • Optical beam steering based on electromagnetically induced transparency 

      Sun, Qingqing; Rostovtsev, Yuri V.; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2006)
      We propose a scheme that provides all-optically-controlled steering of light beam. The system is based on steep dispersion of a coherently driven medium. Using the eikonal equation, we study the steering angle, the spread ...