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    • Coherence-induced entanglement 

      Xiong, Han (Texas A&M University, 2006-08-16)
      Coherence and entanglement are the two key concepts that distinguish quantum mechanics from classical mechanics. Many novel phenomena occuring in the quantum world are due to these two “physical quantities”. They also ...
    • Influence of pump-phase fluctuations on entanglement generation using a correlated spontaneous-emission laser 

      Qamar, Shahid; Xiong, Han; Zubairy, M. Suhail (American Physical Society, 2007)
      In this paper, we study the effect of phase fluctuations of the pump field upon the entanglement generation in a two-photon correlated emission laser (CEL). We consider initial vacuum and coherent state for the two-cavity ...
    • Single atom as a macroscopic entanglement source 

      Zhou, Ling; Xiong, Han; Zubairy, M. Suhail. (American Physical Society, 2006)
      We discuss the generation of a macroscopic entangled state in a single atom cavity-QED system. The three-level atom in a cascade configuration interacts dispersively with two classical coherent fields inside a doubly ...