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    • Addressing Practical Issues in Designing Weather Insurance Contracts for Risk Management Applications in Developing Countries 

      Sánchez Aragón, Leonardo F (2014-04-07)
      In this dissertation we address practical issues in designing weather insurance contracts for risk management in developing countries in three different scenarios. First, we develop an innovative contract design strategy ...
    • Buying Hedge with Futures 

      Welch, Mark; Kastens, Terry L. (2009-01-07)
      This publication is an introduction to buying a hedge. It defines a hedge and gives case examples on using this risk management tool.
    • The Current Credit Situation and Coming Cost-Price Squeeze 

      Welch, Mark; Robinson, John; Amosson, Stephen H.; Falconer, Lawrence; Bevers, Stan; Anderson, David P. (2009-03-26)
      A cost-price squeeze is a situation in which the ratio of prices received to prices paid is declining. The current credit crisis makes it likely that agricultural producers may soon face such a situation. Producers can ...
    • Evaluating Barley Lines for Yield Performance and Adaptation to Texas Growing Conditions for Feed and Malting Purposes 

      Woloohojian, Lauren Gale (2017-05-09)
      Around the 1960s, barley was grown on nearly 170,372 hectares (ha) throughout Texas. Today, it is planted on less than 12,000 ha and is mainly used as a feed and forage source for livestock. In recent years, interest in ...
    • How USDA Forecasts Production and Supply/Demand 

      Anderson, David P.; O'Brien, Daniel; Welch, Mark (2009-06-01)
      USDA publishes crop supply and demand estimates for each month. Producers, merchandisers, processors, traders and other market participants rely on this information when making their buying and selling decisions. This ...
    • Introduction to Futures Markets 

      Mintert, James R.; Welch, Mark (2009-01-07)
      An introduction to futures markets, this publication describes the history of the markets, defines terminology and offers advice on how to use futures effectively in farm marketing programs.
    • Introduction to Options 

      Mintert, James R.; Welch, Mark (2009-01-07)
      Options give the agricultural industry a flexible pricing tool to assist in price risk managment. This publication defines an option and gives a brief introduction to this tool.
    • The Minimum Price Contract 

      Waller, Mark L.; Amosson, Stephen H.; Welch, Mark; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-10-17)
      A minimum price contract is one of many tools a marketer may use to better manage price and production risk while trying to achieve financial goals and objectives. This publication discusses the advantages and disadvantages ...
    • Organizing a Marketing Club 

      Smith, Jackie; Waller, Mark L.; Anderson, Carl; Welch, Mark (2008-10-21)
      A marketing club is a group of people who usually meet once or twice a month with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of marketing and other risk management concepts. This publication offers suggestions for ...
    • Post-Harvest Marketing Alternatives 

      McCorkle, Dean; Welch, Mark (2009-02-04)
      The marketing time frame for crops can be divided into three parts--pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest. This publication focuses on the more common post-harvest marketing strategies using forward contracts, storage, ...
    • Price Risk Management in the Midst of a Credit Crisis 

      Welch, Mark; Amosson, Stephen H.; Robinson, John; Falconer, Lawrence (2009-03-26)
      Agricultural producers today face volatile markets, tight credit, economic uncertainty and escalating input costs. Understanding and using risk management tools in this environment can reduce much of the price risk and may ...
    • Selecting and Working with a Broker 

      Waller, Mark L.; McCorkle, Dean; Welch, Mark (2008-10-17)
      Producers who wish to trade futures or options contracts will need to work with a broker. These tips can help in selecting a broker and in forging a good working relationship.
    • Selling Hedge with Futures 

      Kastens, Terry L.; Welch, Mark (2009-01-07)
      This publication is an introduction to selling a hedge. It defines a hedge and gives case examples on using this risk management tool.
    • Specifications of Futures and Options Contracts 

      Welch, Mark; Robinson, John; Anderson, David P. (2009-06-01)
      To use futures and options, you must understand how such contracts are specified. This publication features complete descriptions of the contract specifications for both futures and options as they are used for agricultural ...