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    • Ammonia oxidation and nitric oxide reduction over Cu(II)Nay zeolites 

      Williamson, William Burton (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1976)
      The catalytic activity of Cu(II)NaY zeolites in the oxidation of ammonia by molecular oxygen and by nitric oxide has been investigated for a series of copper-exchanged Y zeolites. Kinetic data were determined for the ...
    • Calculated Electronic Behavior and Spectrum of Mg+@C60 Using a Simple Jellium-shell Model 

      Even, W.; Smith, J.; Roth, M. W.; Schuessler, H. A. (International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2004)
    • McKinney Sustainability Plan 

      Smith, J. (Energy Systems Laboratory, 2011)
    • Preventing Water Quality Contamination through the Texas Well Owners Network (TWON): Final Report 

      Boellstorff, D.; Gholson, D.; Kalisek, D.; Smith, J.; Gerlich, R.; Wagner, K.; McFarland, M.; Mukhtar, S. (Texas Water Resources Institute, 2014)
      The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service (AgriLife Extension) through the Departments of Soil and Crop Sciences (SCSC) and Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) and the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) ...
    • Study of the Dijet Mass Spectrum in pp -> W + jets Events at root s=7 TeV 

      Chatrchyan, S.; Khachatryan, V.; Sirunyan, A.; Tumasyan, A.; Adam, W.; Aguilo, E.; Bergauer, T.; Dragicevic, M.; Eroe, J.; Fabjan, C.; Friedl, M.; Nappi, A.; Battilana, C.; Petkov, P.; Smith, J.; Stenson, K.; Ulmer, K.; Wagner, S.; Alexander, J.; Chatterjee, A.; Eggert, N.; Paus, C.; Romeo, F.; Oliveros, S.; Gibbons, L.; Heltsley, B.; Calvo, E.; Khukhunaishvili, A.; Bian, J.; Kreis, B.; Mirman, N.; Kaufman, G.; Patterson, J.; Saha, A.; Ryd, A.; Vargas, J.; Salvati, E.; Sun, W.; Teo, W.; Cerrada, M.; Thom, J.; Thompson, J.; Chen, G.; Tucker, J.; Santocchia, A.; Vaughan, J.; Weng, Y.; Zatserklyaniy, A.; Winstrom, L.; Wittich, P.; Winn, D.; Abdullin, S.; Chamizo Llatas, M.; Albrow, M.; Anderson, J.; Spiezia, A.; Bauerdick, L.; Chen, H.; Beretvas, A.; Alagoz, E.; Berryhill, J.; Bhat, P.; Bloch, I.; Burkett, K.; Butler, J.; Colino, N.; Beernaert, K.; Chetluru, V.; Cheung, H.; Chlebana, F.; Elvira, V.; Brigljevic, V.; Jiang, C.; Fisk, I.; Freeman, J.; Gao, Y.; Green, D.; Taroni, S.; Gutsche, O.; De La Cruz, B.; Hanlon, J.; Harris, R.; Hirschauer, J.; Barnes, V.; Hooberman, B.; Jindariani, S.; Liang, D.; Johnson, M.; Maeki, T.; Joshi, U.; Kilminster, B.; Klima, B.; Lemaitre, V.; Kunori, S.; Kwan, S.; Benedetti, D.; Leonidopoulos, C.; Linacre, J.; Lincoln, D.; Azzurri, P. (Physical Review Letters, 2012)