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    • Characterization of BSA, A Bovine Class I MHC Sequence 

      Koshti, Vivek A (2013-09-19)
      The class I MHC region in the vertebrate genome contains genes for receptor proteins that present cytosolic antigens to lymphocytes in the initial phase of the immune response. Most cattle express a class I gene called ...
    • The effect of stress on the neuropathogenesis of Theiler's virus-induced demyelination as an animal model of multiple sclerosis 

      Mi, Wentao (Texas A&M University, 2006-10-30)
      Stressful life events have been associated with the onset and/or exacerbation of multiple sclerosis (MS). To investigate the effects of stress on the pathogenesis of MS, we employed restraint stress (RST) in the Theiler’s ...
    • High resolution physical and comparative maps of horse chromosomes 14 (ECA14) and 21 (ECA21) 

      Goh, Glenda Lay Bee (Texas A&M University, 2006-08-16)
      In order to identify genes or markers responsible for economically important traits in the horse, the development of high resolution gene maps of individual equine chromosomes is essential. We herein report the construction ...
    • A high resolution RH map of the bovine major histocompatibility complex 

      Brinkmeyer-Langford, Candice L; Childers, Christopher P; Fritz, Krista L; Gustafson-Seabury, Ashley L; Cothran, Marian; Raudsepp, Terje; Womack, James E; Skow, Loren C (BMC Genomics, 2009)
    • Mapping a Gene Responsible for Natural Resistance to Rift Valley Fever Virus in Inbred Rats 

      Busch, Catherine Michelle (2015-07-20)
      The Rift Valley Fever virus (RVFV) presents an epidemic and epizootic threat in sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt, and the Arabian Peninsula, and has recently gained attention as a potential weapon of bioterrorism due to its ability ...
    • A physical map of the bovine genome 

      Snelling, Warren M; Chiu, Readman; Schein, Jacqueline E; Hobbs, Matthew; Abbey, Colette A; Adelson, David L; Aerts, Jan; Bennett, Gary L; Bosdet, Ian E; Boussaha, Mekki; Brauning, Rudiger; Caetano, Alexandre R; Costa, Marcos M; Crawford, Allan M; Dalrymple, Brian P; Eggen, André; Everts-van der Wind, Annelie; Floriot, Sandrine; Gautier, Mathieu; Gill, Clare A; Green, Ronnie D; Holt, Robert; Jann, Oliver; Jones, Steven JM; Kappes, Steven M; Keele, John W; de Jong, Pieter J; Larkin, Denis M; Lewin, Harris A; McEwan, John C; McKay, Stephanie; Marra, Marco A; Mathewson, Carrie A; Matukumalli, Lakshmi K; Moore, Stephen S; Murdoch, Brenda; Nicholas, Frank W; Osoegawa, Kazutoyo; Roy, Alice; Salih, Hanni; Schibler, Laurent; Schnabel, Robert D; Silveri, Licia; Skow, Loren C; Smith, Timothy PL; Sonstegard, Tad S; Taylor, Jeremy F; Tellam, Ross; Van Tassell, Curtis P; Williams, John L; Womack, James E; Wye, Natasja H; Yang, George; Zhao, Shaying (, 2007)
    • Studies of Immunogenetic Variation in Cattle 

      Downey-Slinker, Erika Diane (2016-01-20)
      Genetic selection for animal health and disease resistance has been limited, likely due to the challenges of performing controlled studies with an industry relevant phenotype. Studies in large populations of animals of ...