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    • Priority Groundwater Management Areas: Overview and Frequently Asked Questions 

      Silvy, Valeen; Lesikar, Bruce J.; Persyn, Russell A. (2008-11-07)
      Water shortages and water quality problems in Texas are prompting the state to address the security of its water supplies. One approach being taken is to create priority groundwater management areas (PGMAs) in critical ...
    • Questions about Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas 

      Lesikar, Bruce J.; Silvy, Valeen (2008-09-22)
      Groundwater conservation districts (GCDs) are being created in many parts of Texas to allow local citizens to manage and protect their groundwater. This publication answers frequently asked questions about groundwater and GCDs.
    • Rainwater Harvesting 

      Porter, Dana; Persyn, Russell A.; Silvy, Valeen (2008-05-30)
      Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.
    • Views from the River Front: Rio Grande Decision Makers Rank Water Conservation Strategies 

      Silvy, Valeen; Lesikar, Bruce J. (2005-10-18)
      This publication details the results of a survey of elected city officials and water managers in the Rio Grande River Basin of Texas and New Mexico. The participants ranked water conservation strategies for their communities.