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    • Effect of Pre-Fermentation Treatments on Blanc Du Bois 

      Tucker, Kristina (2017-12-14)
      Blanc Du Bois accounts for a significant growth segment of the Texas Wine In-dustry as it thrives in the terroir and is disease resistant. Variability in the sensory pro-files of Blanc Du Bois wines have been observed. ...
    • Effects of 16S rDNA sampling on estimates of the number of endosymbiont lineages in sucking lice 

      Allen, Julie; J. Gordon Burleigh; Light, Jessica; Reed, David (PeerJ, 2016)
    • Ethnic festivals : cultural preservation and tourism, a comparative study 

      Stuyt, Godfried Alexander Marie
      The basic purpose of this study was to identify empirical regularities among ethnic festivals with respect to the participants involved. This was accomplished by comparing two specific ethnic festivals held annually in the ...
    • Experiences Needed to Prepare Early Career Agriculture Teachers 

      Breeding, Lockie Renee (2015-04-28)
      The purpose of this study was to describe experiences National Association of Agricultural Educators Outstanding Young Member award winners would have liked to have had prior to becoming an agriculture teacher. A modified ...
    • Genome sequences of the human body louse and its primary endosymbiont provide insights into the permanent parasitic lifestyle 

      Kirkness, Ewen; Haas, Brian; Sun, Weilin; Braig, Henk; M. Alejandra Perotti; Clark, John; Si Hyeock Lee; Robertson, Hugh; Kennedy, Ryan; Elhaik, Eran; Gerlach, Daniel; Kriventseva, Evgenia; Elsik, Christine; Graur, Dan; Hill, Catherine; Veenstra, Jan; Walenz, Brian; José Manuel C. Tubío; José M. C. Ribeiro; Rozas, Julio; J. Spencer Johnston; Reese, Justin; Popadic, Aleksandar; Tojo, Marta; Raoult, Didier; Reed, David; Tomoyasu, Yoshinori; Kraus, Emily; Mittapalli, Omprakash; Margam, Venu; Li, Hong-Mei; Meyer, Jason; Johnson, Reed; Romero-Severson, Jeanne; Janice Pagel VanZee; Alvarez-Ponce, David; Vieira, Filipe; Montserrat Aguadé; Guirao-Rico, Sara; Anzola, Juan; Yoon, Kyong; Strycharz, Joseph; Unger, Maria; Christley, Scott; Lobo, Neil; Seufferheld, Manfredo; Wang, NaiKuan; Dasch, Gregory; Struchiner, Claudio; Madey, Greg; Hannick, Linda; Bidwell, Shelby; Joardar, Vinita; Caler, Elisabet; Shao, Renfu; Barker, Stephen; Cameron, Stephen; Bruggner, Robert; Regier, Allison; Johnson, Justin; Viswanathan, Lakshmi; Utterback, Terry; Sutton, Granger; Lawson, Daniel; Waterhouse, Robert; J. Craig Venter; Strausberg, Robert; Berenbaum, May; Collins, Frank; Zdobnov, Evgeny; Pittendrigh, Barry (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2010)
    • A Quasi-Experimental Examination of the Effects of Cognitive Sequencing on STEM Concept Integration in Agricultural Education 

      Smith, Kasee Lynn (2016-04-28)
      Understanding the best methods for effectively instructing STEM education concepts is essential in the current climate of education. Kolb’s experiential learning theory outlines four specific modes of learning, based on ...
    • Varanoid Tooth Eruption and Implantation Modes in a Late Cretaceous Mosasaur 

      Liu, Min; Reed, David; Cecchini, Giancarlo; Lu, Xuanyu; Ganjawalla, Karan; Gonzales, Carol; Monahan, Richard; Luan, Xianghong; Diekwisch, Thomas (Frontiers in Physiology, 2016)