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    • Descriptions of Range and Pasture Plants 

      Ragsdale, Bobby; Welch, Tommy G. (2000-05-03)
      Characteristics of common range and pasture plants are listed in this publication. The common and scientific name of each species are given, along with the species' value as a grazing plant for wildlife and livestock.
    • Grazing Systems for Profitable Ranching 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne; Ragsdale, Bobby; Rector, Barron S. (2000-05-03)
      Grazing management is essential to a successful ranching enterprise. Ranchers have several options, including continuous grazing, deferred rotation systems, and short duration grazing. Details about each system are included.
    • How to Collect, Press, Mount and Store Plants 

      Ragsdale, Bobby (2002-02-02)
      Creating a plant collection is easy with these simple instructions. Photographs illustrate the steps involved in pressing plants successfully.
    • Master Plant List for Texas Range and Pasture Plant Identification Contests 

      Ragsdale, Bobby (2000-05-03)
      Entrants in range and pasture plant identification contests will find this reference useful. It includes explanations of plant characteristics and a master list of plants.