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    • Can historic neighborhoods compete? Analysis of and recommendations for local incentives for owner-occupied historic housing 

      Rowe, Rebecca Elizabeth (Texas A&M University, 2005-02-17)
      This research study sets out to determine what incentives and programs are being utilized throughout the country and in Texas to keep historic residential neighborhoods maintained and vibrant. For this purpose, federal, ...
    • A comparative study of migration and minority group integration programs and policies with special reference to homebuilding industries : Turks in Munich and Mexicans in Houston : toward a framework for analysis, formal and informal perceptions of migration issues 

      Orr, Susan Grinton (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1981)
      A background and framework is provided for a systems approach to the study of both formal and informal perceptions of migration and minority group integration programs and policies. The question of the international migration ...
    • Comprehensive Plan & State of the City Lorena,TX 

      Pugh, David; Ekroth, David; Allen, Brannyn G.; Cummings, Laurie E.; Askew, Christy M.; Allen, Brannyn; Askew, Christy; Davis, Sombra; Dean, Lawrence; He, Xin; Jung, Juchul; Kang, Sang Jun; Kwon, Tae Jung; Mabry, Brian; Uhm, Jung; Bubel, Paul; Carroll, Amber; Chan, Hobart; Citzler, Edward; Davis, Matthew; Ellan, Christopher; Erroz, Miguel; Floren, Jathan; Garcia, Eduardo; Garza, Mario; McAffee, Megan; Menefee, James; Molkentine, Aaron; Nesline, Lucian; Polkinghorn, David; Renfrow, Brandon; Steinert, Bo; Treichler, James; Chambers, Byron; Chootimun, Dolratee; Vyas, Paul; Slicker, Joseph (Texas A&M University, 2001)
      One course developed designs for the construction of a new complex at the existing City Hall site at the intersection of Center and Borden Streets. Another course developed designs for a new complex at the site of the old ...
    • Comprehensive Plan 2020 La Grange, Texas 

      Pugh, David; Ellis, David; Ekroth, David; Slack, Janet; Battle, Lee; Kobal, Diane; Blom, Cindy; Dulyapraphant, Kongsak; Everidge, Rachel; Ford, Carl; Grady, Kevin; Lee, Yi-Jung; Mishima, Hirotaka; Robinson, Misti; Ordonez, Carlos; Paul, Keli; Towles, Virginia Sabia; Tsai, Yi-Wen; Williams, Sarah (Texas A&M University, 1998)
      Students assessed past and current conditions and provided La Grange with recommendations through year 2020.
    • Comprehensive Plan 2020 Silsbee, Texas 

      Pugh, David; Ellis, David; Kindrick, Stephen; Adams, Gregory; Shannon, Van Zandt; Butorac, Marc; Estes, Brett; Patterson, J. Christopher; Phoopraset, Jaruret; Rogers, Scott; Schrank, David; Spooner-Mueller, Nancy; Stephenson, Amy; Ekroth, David; Pike, Amy; Pustejovsky, Kenneth; Ramos, Adam; Sung Rim, Chong; Smith, Ronald; Thompson, Blakeley; Waldrop, Sam; Wiethorn, Ronny; Willeke, Whitney; Zavala, Blanca; Ziolkowski, Rebecca (Texas A&M University, 1997)
      Acquired data and analyzed in preparation for the comprehensive plan. Formulation of plan objectives was developed with a citizen survey, polling residents about their needs and desires for city growth and development. The ...
    • Comprehensive Plan Navasota, Texas 

      Pugh, David; Butler, Christopher; Stover, Robin; Blanchard, Kathlyn; Butler, Cristopher; Cardenas, Angela; Carrasco, Virginia; Dewey, Michael; Duncan, Sean; Dyke, Jennifer; Dyke, Michael; Highfield, Wesley; Johnson, Laura; Kansara, Suhag; Kukadia, Nishant; Linenschmidt, Mark; Mohinder, Ruchi; Stover, Robin; Thornton, Sara (Texas A&M University, 2004)
      In total, over the years, eleven courses have worked in the city of Navasota. These plans have assessed the conditions of the city and have made recommendations for economic growth, downtown revitalization, land use ...
    • La Comunidad del Futuro Hidalgo Comprehensive Plan: 2010 

      Bond, Alsie; Carlson, Todd B.; Sanchez, J. Martin; Schumann, Gregory; Baker, Barton; Benthul, Bart; Biggs, John; Cervantes, Xavier; Cross, Shelia; Derkits, Janna; Gonzalez, Roberto; Head, Aric; McCoy, Michelle; Nance, Tara; Orr, Karen; Phillips, Kimberly; Schoonmaker, Scott; Sims, Stephens; Soltan, Laleh; Stevens, Thomas; Hahn, Mary; Teal, Mike; Wiruchaphan, Sani; Yang, Min-Fang; Pugh, David (Texas A&M University, 1995)
      Developed conceptual designs for the Office Park and Mercado, Bridge Street, and Coma Street. Teams evaluated current zoning ordinances and made recommendations for the future. The comprehensive plan was formulated and ...
    • Shoreline resources planning in the United States 

      Berke, Philip (Texas A&M University. Libraries, 1981)
      This dissertation examines three state shoreline resources planning programs; Texas, Florida and California's San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. These programs are examined in the context of the ...