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    • Structure of Al-23 from the one-proton breakup reaction and astrophysical implications 

      Banu, A; Trache, L; Carstoiu, F; Achouri, NL; Bonaccorso, A; Catford, WN; Chartier, M; Dimmock, M; Fernandez-Dominguez, B; Freer, M; Gaudefroy, L; Horoi, M; Labiche, M; Laurent, B; Lemmon, RC; Negoita, F; Orr, NA; Paschalis, S; Patterson, N; Paul, ES; Petri, M; Pietras, B; Roeder, BT; Rotaru, F; Roussel-Chomaz, P; Simmons, E; Thomas, JS; Tribble, RE (Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 2011)