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    • Opening Remarks and "Role and Importance of the National Security Advisor" 

      Hadley, Stephen; Natsios, Andrew; Crocker, Ryan (2016-05-02)
      Former National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley discusses the role and experiences of the National Security Advisor.
    • Pandemic Preparedness and Response in the Age of Technology 

      Blackburn, Christine Crudo; Camargo, Krisa; Laine, Glen A.; Natsios, Andrew; Parker, Gerald W.; Holt, Samantha; Reid, Austin; Wolf, Lilianna (2020-07-06)
      Effective pandemic preparedness and response depend on the quality as well as the speed of obtaining relevant information, especially from remote and hard to reach areas of the world, where most known and unknown disease ...
    • Reaching More for Less: Modernizing US International Food Aid Programs 

      Natsios, Andrew (Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics & Public Policy, 2015-01)
      The Food for Peace program has saved millions of lives around the world for more than a half century and has been perhaps the most powerful and visible symbol of American generosity to those in need. The question is not ...