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    • Process for preparing nano-sized metal oxide particles 

      Li, Yuntao; Sue, Hung-jue; Nishimura, Riichi; Miyatake, Nobuo (United States. Patent and Trademark OfficeTexas A&M University. Libraries, 2009-01-27)
      The present invention is directed to novel sol-gel methods in which metal oxide precursor and an alcohol-based solution are mixed to form a reaction mixture that is then allowed to react to produce nanosized metal oxide ...
    • Synthesis and cure characterization of high temperature polymers for aerospace applications 

      Li, Yuntao (Texas A&M University, 2006-04-12)
      The E-beam curable BMI resin systems and phenylethynyl terminated AFR-PEPA-4 oligomer together with an imide model compound N-phenyl-[4-(phenylethynyl) phthalimide] were synthesized and characterized. E-beam exposure ...