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    • Architectural Context and Aspects of Ritual Behavior at Late Minoan IIIC Kavousi Vronda 

      Glowacki, Kevin T.; Klein, Nancy L. (Archaeological Institute of America, 2019)
      The Late Minoan IIIC settlement at Kavousi Vronda, located in the northern foothills of the Thriphti mountain range in eastern Crete, consisted of about twenty houses clustered in complexes around the slopes and summit of ...
    • A Study of Vernacular Architecture in Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Crete 

      Klein, Nancy L.; Glowacki, Kevin T. (2020-05-17)
      Vernacular architecture is closely linked to both time and place and reflects what most people in a community or region consistently build and use, working with local materials, and traditional techniques and forms. It is ...
    • Vronda Reconstruction - Preliminary (Nov. 2009) 

      Dafedar, Sayed Kashif; Glowacki, Kevin T.; Klein, Nancy L. (2009)
      Preliminary virtual reconstruction of the archaeological site of Kavousi Vronda in eastern Crete, Greece. This video segment tours part of the Late Minoan IIIC settlement, beginning with Building I-O-N on the western slope ...