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    • Examination of Methods of Dry Gas Seal Supply, Regulation, and Monitoring 

      Bakalchuk, Vladimir; Dwyer, Kevin; Hosanna, Rich; Chinnaswamy, Sreenivasulu; Eisenmann, Jr., Robert; McCraw, Jim (Turbomachinery Laboratory, Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, 2018)
      Compressor Dry Gas Seal Failure is a common issue that affects Turbomachinery train availability. Since most turbomachinery trains are un-spared critical assets, unscheduled shutdowns have a major impact to the operating ...
    • Monitoring a Tandem Dry Gas Seal's Secondary Seal 

      Schmidt, Glenn; Hosanna, Rich; Bakalchuk, Vladimir; McCraw, Jim (Texas A&M University. Turbomachinery Laboratories, 2014)
      Rotating equipment and instrument engineers working with dry gas seals should attend this tutorial to increase their knowledge of methods for monitoring secondary seals. Over the last several years a number of compressor ...