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    • Exploration of the High Entropy Alloy Space as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem 

      Abu-Odeh, Anas; Galvan, Edgar; Kirk, Tanner; Mao, Huahai; Chen, Qing; Mason, Paul; Malak, Richard; Arróyave, Raymundo (ArXiv, 2017-12-05)
      High Entropy Alloys (HEAs), Multi-principal Component Alloys (MCA), or Compositionally Complex Alloys (CCAs) are alloys that contain multiple principal alloying elements. While many HEAs have been shown to have unique ...
    • A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Technology Characterization 

      Galvan, Edgar (2012-10-19)
      It is important for engineers to understand the capabilities and limitations of the technologies they consider for use in their systems. Several researchers have investigated approaches for modeling the capabilities of a ...
    • Parametric Optimization: Applications in Systems Design 

      Galvan, Edgar (2016-08-30)
      The aim of this research is to introduce the notion of parametric optimization (PO) as a useful approach for solving systems design challenges. In this research, we define PO as the process of finding the optimal solution ...