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    • Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Components in (Ga,Mn)As 

      Rushforth, A. W.; Výborný, K.; King, C. S.; Edmonds, K. W.; Campion, R. P.; Foxon, C. T.; Wunderlich, J.; Irvine, A. C.; Vašek, P.; Novák, V.; Olejník, K.; Sinova, Jairo; Jungwirth, T.; Gallagher, B. L. (Physical Review Letters, 2007)
    • Character of states near the Fermi level in (Ga,Mn)As: Impurity to valence band crossover RID E-6453-2010 

      Jungwirth, T.; Sinova, Jairo; MacDonald, A. H.; Gallagher, B. L.; Novak, V.; Edmonds, K. W.; Rushforth, A. W.; Campion, R. P.; Foxon, C. T.; Eaves, L.; Olejnik, E.; Masek, J.; Yang, S-R Eric; Wunderlich, J.; Gould, C.; Molenkamp, L. W.; Dietl, T.; Ohno, H. (American Physical Society, 2007)
      We discuss the character of states near the Fermi level in Mn-doped GaAs, as revealed by a survey of dc transport and optical studies over a wide range of Mn concentrations. A thermally activated valence-band contribution ...
    • Local control of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in (Ga,Mn)As microdevices: Demonstration in current-induced switching 

      Wunderlich, J.; Irvine, A. C.; Zemen, J.; Holy, V.; Rushforth, A. W.; De Ranieri, E.; Rana, U.; Vyborny, K.; Sinova, Jairo; Foxon, C. T.; Campion, R. P.; Williams, D. A.; Gallagher, B. L.; Jungwirth, T. (American Physical Society, 2007)
      The large saturation magnetization in conventional dense moment ferromagnets offers a flexible means of manipulating the ordered state through demagnetizing shape anisotropy fields, but these dipolar fields, in turn, limit ...
    • Microscopic Analysis of the Valence Band and Impurity Band Theories of (Ga,Mn)As 

      Mašek, J.; Máca, F.; Kudrnovský, J.; Makarovsky, O.; Eaves, L.; Campion, R. P.; Edmonds, K. W.; Rushforth, A. W.; Foxon, C. T.; Gallagher, B. L.; Novák, V.; Sinova, Jairo; Jungwirth, T. (Physical Review Letters, 2010)