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    • Analyzing Replacement Stock Alternatives 

      Falconer, Lawrence; McGrann, James M.; Parker, John; Jones, Rodney (2008-10-21)
      Replacement management strategy involves comparing the values of the breeding stock you own with the value of potential replacements, and then choosing the investment with the highest expected worth. This publication ...
    • The Current Credit Situation and Coming Cost-Price Squeeze 

      Welch, Mark; Robinson, John; Amosson, Stephen H.; Falconer, Lawrence; Bevers, Stan; Anderson, David P. (2009-03-26)
      A cost-price squeeze is a situation in which the ratio of prices received to prices paid is declining. The current credit crisis makes it likely that agricultural producers may soon face such a situation. Producers can ...
    • The Economic and Financial Implications of Supplying a Bioenergy Conversion Facility with Cellulosic Biomass Feedstocks 

      McLaughlin, Will (2012-02-14)
      Comprehensive analyses are conducted of the holistic farm production-harvesting-transporting-pre-refinery storage supply chain paradigm which represents the totality of important issues affecting the conversion facility ...
    • Farmland Ownership 

      Kastens, Terry L.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Falconer, Lawrence (1999-09-25)
      Buying land can be difficult for agricultural producers. Determining the value of land is one concern. This publication describes the primary determinants of land value, focusing on land rent and a related measure, ...
    • Financial Record-Keeping Software Review. 

      Pena, Jose; Amosson, Stephen; Bevers, Stanley; Cornforth, Gerald; Falconer, Lawrence; Jenson, Robert; Lovell, Ashley; Smith, Jackie; Stokes, Kenneth (Texas Agricultural Extension Service, 1994)
    • Immigration and Labor Handbook 

      Palma, Marco; Shingote, Abhishek; Ribera, Luis; Rosson, C. Parr; Falconer, Lawrence; Pena, Jose G. (2008-11-20)
      Laws governing immigration and labor can affect agricultural operations. This handbook explains how to comply with various immigration and labor laws. Topics covered include the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, ...
    • Price Risk Management in the Midst of a Credit Crisis 

      Welch, Mark; Amosson, Stephen H.; Robinson, John; Falconer, Lawrence (2009-03-26)
      Agricultural producers today face volatile markets, tight credit, economic uncertainty and escalating input costs. Understanding and using risk management tools in this environment can reduce much of the price risk and may ...