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    • Effects of aging and exercise training on structural and vasoconstrictor properties of skeletal muscle arterioles 

      Donato, Anthony John (Texas A&M University, 2004-11-15)
      Aging is associated with increases in regional and systemic vascular resistance and arterial blood pressure. One possible mechanism through which these age-associated alterations occur is enhanced vasoconstrictor responsiveness, ...
    • Effects of Microbial Litter Amendments on Broiler Performance, Litter Quality and Ammonia Production 

      Hinkle, Matthew (2011-02-22)
      The reuse of litter in broiler production can lead to litter pathogen buildup and high levels of ammonia in broiler housing, thus resulting in poor broiler performance. This study evaluated the effects of two microbial ...
    • Enjoy Poultry Meat Safely 

      Davis, Michael (2006-03-24)
      Poultry is a nutritious, economical and versatile food choice, but it requires careful handling, storage and cooking to prevent food poisoning. Two groups of bacteria can be found on raw poultry meat: bacteria that cause ...
    • Evaluation of Fatigue Resistance in Alaskan Sled Dogs Through Exercise Induced Myocyte Gene Expression 

      Salazar, Natacha Maria (2012-02-14)
      The physiological responses to exercise depend on intensity, duration, and type of exercise. The muscles in the body have complex regulation responses in order to create a certain resistance and adaptation to the exercise ...
    • Freezing Poultry for Home Use 

      Davis, Michael (2006-08-31)
      Purchasing fresh poultry in large packages and freezing it in quantities suitable for individual meals can stretch time and food dollars. Topics include packaging needs, cutting, storing and thawing instructions, and ...
    • Network Scale Modeling of Lymph Transport and Its Effective Pumping Parameters 

      Jamalian, Samira; Davis, Michael; Zawieja, David; Moore, James; Jr. (PloS One, 2016)
    • Poultry Q&A 

      Carey, John B.; Cartwright, A. Lee; Davis, Michael; Farnell, M. B. (2007-01-31)
      Why do chickens bob their heads back and forth? How can baby chicks survive without a mother hen? Are fertile eggs more nutritious than nonfertile eggs? Why do chickens and turkeys have white and dark meat? In this publication ...
    • Processing Poultry at Home 

      Davis, Michael (2006-01-04)
      With hot water for scalding, ice water for chilling and a sharp knife, poultry can be processed at home for dressed poultry shows or home consumption. This publication discusses facilities and equipment, New York dressing, ...
    • Regulation of cloned cardiac channels 

      Balasubramanian, Bharathi (Texas A&M University, 2005-11-01)
      Activation of a5??1 integrin potentiates L-type calcium current in vascular smooth muscle, which is partly mediated by tyrosine phoshorylation of the a1c channel subunit. Expressed rabbit VSM and neuronal isoforms are also ...