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    • A Haemonchus Contortus Management Plan for Sheep and Goats in Texas 

      Machen, Richard V.; Craddock, Frank; Craig, Tom; Fuchs, Thomas W. (1998-05-22)
      Internal parasites are the single largest threat to the profitability of sheep and goat production in Texas. Haemonchus contortus is the parasite of greatest concern. This publication explains common symptoms, sources of ...
    • Management Tips for Internal Parasite Control in Sheep and Goats 

      Craddock, Frank; Machen, Richard V.; Craig, Tom (2003-02-20)
      The primary control strategy for internal parasites in sheep and goats has been the use of anthelmintics. Because overuse has caused the development of resistant strains, new strategies must be used. This publication lists ...
    • Monitoring Internal Parasite Infection in Small Ruminants 

      Machen, Richard V.; Craddock, Frank; Craig, Tom (1998-05-19)
      Fecal egg counts are a practical, cost-effective diagnostic tool for determining parasite burden in sheep and goats. This publication describes materials and equipment needed and explains the procedure for making valid egg counts.