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    • Business Plans for Agricultural Producers 

      McCorkle, Dean; Bevers, Stan (2008-10-17)
      A business plan is a road map for success. It describes a firm's organizational structure, products and services, objectives, financial and marketing plans, strengths and weaknesses. This publication guides business owners ...
    • Cow-Calf Enterprise Standardized Performance Analysis 

      McCorkle, Dean; Bevers, Stan (2009-03-02)
      SPA is a tool for determining the production and financial performance of an individual cow-calf enterprise. It allows producers to compare production systems, identify areas that need to be changed and measure progress ...
    • The Current Credit Situation and Coming Cost-Price Squeeze 

      Welch, Mark; Robinson, John; Amosson, Stephen H.; Falconer, Lawrence; Bevers, Stan; Anderson, David P. (2009-03-26)
      A cost-price squeeze is a situation in which the ratio of prices received to prices paid is declining. The current credit crisis makes it likely that agricultural producers may soon face such a situation. Producers can ...
    • Developing a Marketing Plan 

      Bevers, Stan; Waller, Mark L.; Amosson, Stephen H.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-03-02)
      Developing a good marketing plan will help you identify and quantify costs, set price goals, determine potential price outlook, examine production and price risk, and develop a strategy for marketing your crop. This ...
    • Farm and Ranch Personnel Management 

      Bevers, Stan; McCorkle, Dean; Hanselka, Daniel (2009-05-01)
      People--human capital--are an important resource in making a farm or ranch business more competitive in today's business environment. This publication summarizes the ideas about modern personnel management that illustrate ...
    • Hedging Cattle with an LRP Policy 

      Thompson, Bill; Bevers, Stan; Pena, Jose G. (2008-12-05)
      Livestock Risk Protection policies offer price risk insurance to cattle producers. Hedging with an LRP policy is one way to secure an acceptable price now for a commodity that will be produced or marketed some time in the future.
    • Livestock Basis 

      Mintert, James R.; Davis, Ernest E.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Bevers, Stan (1999-06-23)
      Knowledge of historical basis patterns can be useful when estimating expected sale or purchase prices at the conclusion of a futures or options hedge, when evaluating a current cash market quote, and when forecasting cash ...
    • Livestock Risk Protection-Lamb: New Insurance Program to Help Ranchers Manage Lamb Price Risk 

      Pena, Jose G.; Thompson, Bill; Bevers, Stan; Anderson, David P. (2008-10-07)
      USDA is offering a new insurance program to help livestock producers manage lamb price risk. This publication explains requirements of the program and the way it works.
    • Obtaining and Using USDA Market and Production Reports 

      Bevers, Stan; Amosson, Stephen H.; Smith, Jackie; O'Brien, Daniel (2008-10-07)
      Producers who have superior information hold a distinct marketing advantage over those who do not. This publication lists various sources of marketing and production information and where to obtain them.
    • Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Risk Management Insurance Pilot Program Continues 

      Pena, Jose G.; Bevers, Stan; Thompson, Bill (2007-10-29)
      A new insurance program is available from USDA to protect producers from the loss of forage produced for grazing or harvested for hay. Insurance polices may be purchased through local crop insurance agents until November ...
    • Using a Bear Put Spread 

      Bevers, Stan; Amosson, Stephen H.; Waller, Mark L.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-10-07)
      The Bear Put Spread is an option spread that combines buying and selling put options of the same contract month. This publication discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this marketing tool.
    • Using a Bull Call Spread 

      Bevers, Stan; Amosson, Stephen H.; Waller, Mark L.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-10-07)
      The Bull Call Spread can be used to hedge against or to benefit from a rising market. The user buys a call option at a particular strike price and sells a call option at a higher strike price. Margin requirements, advantages ...