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    • Evaluating Foreign Aid Effectiveness in Nepal 

      Restrepo Olea, Sandra C (2017-05-03)
      Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of donor aid in addressing health-and education-related Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs). This research examines foreign aid and its effectiveness in reducing poverty through ...
    • Promoting Blood Donation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Role of Culture and Interventions 

      Appiah, Bernard (2013-12-13)
      Inadequate blood donation is a major public health problem in Sub-Saharan Africa. This study examines the influence of culture and communication on blood donation in Sub-Saharan Africa, with particular focus on Ghana. ...
    • Science Journalism in Ghana: A Study of Journalists Who Cover Science 

      Appiah, Bernard (2012-02-14)
      Science journalism has been studied from the perspectives of science journalists in the West. However, studies of science journalism from the perspectives of general reporters in developing or developed countries are ...