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    • Controlled release vaccines and methods for treating Brucella diseases and disorders 

      Ficht, Thomas A.; Ficht, Allison R.; Tsolis, Renee; Adams, Leslie Garry (United States. Patent and Trademark OfficeTexas A&M University. Libraries, 2016-02-02)
      Methods and compositions for the treatment of Brucella induced diseases and disorders are disclosed herein. In preferred embodiments, the invention relates to vaccines. In additional embodiments, the invention relates to ...
    • Systems Biology Analysis of Brucella Infected Peyers Patch Reveals Rapid Invasion with Modest Transient Perturbations of the Host Transcriptome 

      Rossetti, Carlos A.; Drake, Kenneth L.; Siddavatam, Prasad; Lawhon, Sara D.; Nunes, Jairo E.; Gull, Tamara; Khare, Sangeeta; Everts, Robin E.; Lewin, Harris A.; Adams, Leslie Garry (PLoS, 2013-12-09)
      Brucella melitensis causes the most severe and acute symptoms of all Brucella species in human beings and infects hosts primarily through the oral route. The epithelium covering domed villi of jejunal-ileal Peyer’s patches ...
    • Vaccine comprising Brucella abortus which has O polysaccharide antigen absent 

      Adams, Leslie Garry; Crawford, Richard P.; Davis, Donald S.; Ficht, Thomas A.; Smith III, Roger; Sowa, Blair A.; Templeton, Joe W.; Williams, John D.; Wu, Albert M. (United States. Patent and Trademark OfficeTexas A&M University. Libraries, 1998-02-17)
      The present invention is an improved vaccine against Brucella abortus which permits differentiation between vaccinated and field strain infected cattle. The vaccine can be administered in two different forms: (1) cell ...