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    • Habitat for Humanity: Does Habitat Homeownership Impact Well-Being? 

      Martinez, Paola; Pannel, Muriel; Park, Joohyung; Baghdasaryan, Gayane; Makinde, Oluwabukola; Ford, Kyle; Poudyal, Shrabya; Feaga, Faith (2019)
      This project studied the effect Habitat homeownership has on the personal economics of the beneficiaries and how the relationship affects their children's education and their families' health. The team collected data from ...
    • Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) Information Management Analysis 

      Allen, James; Ellis, Tony; Fisher, Scott; Hunt, Lee; Janusaitis, Robert; Jones, Michael Wade; Kerr, David; Miller, Matthew; Phillips, Michael; Upright, Rory (2017)
      his Project generated 13 recommendations for HCOHSEM by employing an Action Research model using Purposeful Design. It also observed the occurrence and first stages of response by HCOHSEM to Hurricane Harvey. First-hand ...
    • Healthy Discussions: A community assessment and healthcare gap analysis 

      Rodriguez, Jesse; Reisor, Hannah; Smith, Brian (2015)
    • House Bill 5: The New Shape of Texas High School Education 

      Terry, Ryan; Gammon, Hallie; Mullen, Eva; Dearmon, Will; Alexander, Leah (2016)
    • Launching into the Future: Building a Sustainable Operation at the Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy 

      Brumley, Kayla; Garcia, Lourdes; Osburn, George; Rebello, Joshua; Soriano, Jon; Staymates, Aunja; Prakash Vyas, Yashwant; Caravantes Wofford, Rocio (2019)
      Based on existing academically-housed and community-based nonprofit centers and institute models, the study revealed the importance of academically-housed nonprofit centers, especially in early form, to develop a core ...
    • Lobbying After Federal Service: The Revolving Door, Shadow Lobbying, andCooling Off Periods for Former Government Officials 

      Akiashvili, Lela; Butt, Humna; Ferrell, Kirbie; Gray, Morgan; Gonzalez, Alexandra; Lin, Peiquan; Llubani, Megi; Morales, Elba; Woods, Dylan (2018)
      This project is a product of the Bush School of Government and Public Service Consulting Capstone Program. It intends to create a database of post-government employment of senior executive branch officials to increase the ...
    • Mapping the Darkness: Finding Support for Victims of Sex Trafficking in Texas 

      Alley, Ashley; Hall, Emily; McKnight, Steve; Miller, Tyler; Moore, Madison; Peak, Jennifer; Slater, Jonathan; Tillman, Erica (2019)
      Prosecutors in the Human Trafficking and Transnational/Organized Crime Section, Criminal Prosecutions Division, Texas Office of the Attorney General, face two problems in dealing with victims (and especially child victims): ...
    • Meeting The Healthcare Needs of United States Veterans: Texas 8th Congressional District 

      Fox, Adeline; Huang, Jenny; Huffman, William; Krueger, Leslie; White, Jennifer (2018)
      Veterans of all ages utilize healthcare through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), which is the medical branch of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VHA is “America’s largest integrated ...
    • Onward with OnRamp: Mapping the Road Ahead 

      Feng, Xiaojie Jimmy; Gentry, Bobby; Lanier, Rachel; Loth, Morgan; Mann, Jonathan; Mulgrew, Marty; Smitherman, Seth; Wold, Caroline (2019)
      Researchers have concluded that automobile ownership has a greater impact on a person’s chances of being employed than having a high school diploma. OnRamp is a startup nonprofit whose mission is to provide reliable ...
    • Planning for Resilience and Reducing Risk: Lessons for Mexico City 

      Alexander-Hawk, Mason; Davis, Rachell; Doucette, Patrick; Garcia, Abigail; Hill-Jackson, April; Khunjua, Aleksandre; Koeniger, Erika; Pineiro, Christian; Sanchez, Joey; Winarski, Kimberly (2020)
    • Preparing for Threats in Harris County: Utilizing a Community Approach 

      Weaver, Alexis; Delgado, Briana; Mohr, Cameron; Aranda, Gabriel; Ott, Katherine; Patterson, Keefer; Mata, Madison; Migaud, Michael; Elahi, Towheed (2020)
    • Professionalization and Effectiveness in State Legislatures 

      Bangcaya, Matthew; DiGiuseppe, Thomas; Dodd, Blake; Gruning, Christopher; Parma, Rebecca; Robertson, Johannah (2015)
      The 84th regular session of the Texas Legislature will convene in Austin on January 13, 2015, and is scheduled to run through June 1, 2015. Students in this capstone will spend the fall semester learning about state ...
    • Recommendations to Address Government Concerns Regarding Intellectual Property Theft from American Research Universities by China and Other Foreign Entities while Preserving the Process of Fundamental Research 

      Thomas, Jason E.; Wittkopf, Alicia; Dobbins, Jonathan; Rivera, Ronnie (2019)
      This report discusses and examines the factors surrounding this dilemma—government perspective, academic perspective, shortage of graduate research students, foreign entities identified as intellectual property risks, cyber ...
    • Reorganizing Groundwater Regulation in Texas 

      Brady, Ross; Beckermann, Wayne; Capps, Amber; Kennedy, Braden; McGee, Peyton; Northcut, Kayla; Parish, Mason; Qadeer, Abdullilah; Shan, Shuting (2016)
      Groundwater usage in Texas appears severely dysfunctional. Neither the market for water or regulation is working properly. Currently, 80+ Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs) “regulate” groundwater production in their ...
    • Science to Policy: Funding Wildlife Conservation in Texas 

      Connell, Gregory; Escobedo, Adria; Guillen, Courtney; Kim, Kyoung Cheol; Ladimirault, Robert; Malec, Kaitlyn; Parnell, Andie (2019)
      This project studied options for expanding wildlife funding in the state of Texas. Initial analysis shows a consensus among stakeholders for voluntary and familiar funding methods such as stamps, license plate fees, outdoor ...
    • The Search for Smart Schools: Identifying Texas School Districts’ Best Practices 

      Coyle, Shannon; Dick, Amanda; Griffin, Marlisa; Hood, Joseph; Tihanyi, Daniel (2017)
      This report outlines findings from the (TSS) Capstone Team’s mixed methodology study identifying best practices in high performing and cost-efficient school districts. TSS was particularly interested in ...
    • Surface Water Regulation in Texas: Problems and Solutions 

      Vaca, Maria; Richards, Stefni; Davis, Alexa; Jackson, Kylie; Timur, Nanag; Manzoor, Fahad; Azam, Said; Feltman, Robert, Jr. (2017)
      According to the 2017 Texas State Water Plan, Texas will experience an 8.9 million acre foot water shortage by 2070. The question is what role surface and groundwater will play in alleviating this shortfall. The 2016 ...
    • Survey of Legal Mechanisms Relating to Groundwater Along the Texas-Mexico Border 

      Foster, Jessica (Texas A&M University School of Law Program in Natural Resources Systems, 2018-04)
      This report details the complexity of the governance structure that oversees the up to 15 transboundary aquifers along the Texas-Mexico border. There is a complex network of local, state, federal, and international entities ...
    • Sustainable Funding for Conservation in Texas 

      Alvi, Taimoor Hussain; Haffey, Colton; Huddleston, Mary; Parks, Emily; Prieto, Bill; Reed, Austin; Sadiq, Hamza; Smith, Carolyn; Vatthauer, Matthew; Zahid, Maheen (2020)
    • Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media 

      Earhart, Amy; Ives, Maura; Burkart, Patrick; Ezell, Margaret; Harner, James; Ramasubramanian, Srividya; Vieira de Castro, Filipe; Morris, Jeff; Dox, Donnalee; Urbina, Eduardo; Burlbaw, Lynn M.; Carpenter, B. Stephen II; Davis, Trina J.; Yadav, Manjit; Herbert, Bruce; Akleman, Ergun; Furuta, Richard; Shipman, Frank; Vedlitz, Arnold (2009)
      We propose the creation of a Center for Digital Humanities, Media and Culture (formerly titled Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media). The Center will address two related grand challenges: the need to investigate ...