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    • Buffer-gas-induced absorption resonances in Rb vapor RID B-9041-2008 

      Mikhailov, E. E.; Novikova, I.; Rostovtsev, Y. V.; Welch, George R. (American Physical Society, 2004)
      We observe transformation of the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) resonance into an absorption resonance in a Lambda interaction configuration in a cell filled with Rb-87 and a buffer gas. This transformation ...
    • Compensation of ac Stark shifts in optical magnetometry RID B-9041-2008 RID A-1272-2007 

      Novikova, I.; Matsko, A. B.; Velichansky, V. L.; Scully, Marlan O.; Welch, George R. (American Physical Society, 2001)
      The ac Stark shift of the resonance frequency of the nonlinear magneto-optic effect (NMOE) results in a fundamental broadening of this resonance which limits the precision of optical magnetometry based on NMOE. We have ...
    • Enhancement of magneto-optic effects via large atomic coherence in optically dense media RID B-9041-2008 

      Sautenkov, V. A.; Lukin, M. D.; Bednar, CJ; Novikova, I.; Mikhailov, E.; Fleischhauer, M.; Velichansky, V. L.; Welch, George R.; Scully, Marlan O. (American Physical Society, 2000)
      We utilize the generation of large atomic coherence in optically dense media to enhance the resonant nonlinear magneto-optic effect by several orders of magnitude, thereby eliminating power broadening and improving the ...