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    • Q(EC) values of the superallowed beta emitters (10)C, (34)Ar, (38)Ca, and (46)V 

      Eronen, T.; Gorelov, D.; Hakala, J.; Hardy, John C.; Jokinen, A.; Kankainen, A.; Moore, I. D.; Penttila, H.; Reponen, M.; Rissanen, J.; Saastamoinen, A.; Aysto, J. (American Physical Society, 2011)
      The Q(EC) values of the superallowed beta(+) emitters (10)C, (34)Ar, (38)Ca, and (46)V have been measured with the JYFLTRAP Penning-trap mass spectrometer to be 3648.12(8), 6061.83(8), 6612.12(7), and 7052.44(10) keV, ...