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    • Non-Traditional Soil Additives: Can They Improve Crop Production? 

      McFarland, Mark L.; Stichler, Charles; Lemon, Robert G. (2002-06-26)
      Non-traditional soil additives include soil conditioners such as organic materials and minerals, soil activators that claim to stimulate soil microbes or inoculate soil with new beneficial organisms, and wetting agents ...
    • Managing Risk in a Dynamic World Economy 

      Harris, Harold M.; Benson, Geoffrey A.; Rosson, C. Parr (1999-06-23)
      This publication provides an overview of the globalization of U.S. agriculture, with special emphasis on implications for risk management. To be successful in a rapidly changing global environment, farmers will need a clear ...
    • Grasshoppers and Their Control 

      Patrick, Carl D. (2004-06-16)
      This leaflet describes the five most damaging grasshopper species in Texas, and offers suggestions for monitoring and control.
    • Buying Hedge with Futures 

      Welch, Mark; Kastens, Terry L. (2009-01-07)
      This publication is an introduction to buying a hedge. It defines a hedge and gives case examples on using this risk management tool.
    • Selling Hedge with Futures 

      Kastens, Terry L.; Welch, Mark (2009-01-07)
      This publication is an introduction to selling a hedge. It defines a hedge and gives case examples on using this risk management tool.
    • Managing a Family Budget 

      McCorkle, Dean; Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-09-16)
      Without budgeting, family living expenses may exceed the available income and jeopardize the overall financial goals of the farm and family. This publication offers information on developing a family budget and provides ...
    • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Septic Tank/Soil Absorption Field 

      Lesikar, Bruce J. (2008-10-23)
      For septic tank and soil absorption systems to work properly, homeowners must choose the right kind of system for their household size and soil type, and they must maintain them regularly. This publication explains the ...
    • On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems: Evapotranspiration Bed 

      Lesikar, Bruce J. (1999-09-01)
      Evapotranspiration (ET) beds treat wastewater in the soil by evaporation and by transpiration from plants growing there. This publication explains the treatment, design, operation and maintenance of ET beds.
    • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Sand Filters 

      Lesikar, Bruce J. (2008-10-23)
      Sand filters are beds of granular material, or sand, drained from underneath so that pretreated wastewater can be treated, collected and distributed to a land application system. This publication explains the treatment, ...
    • Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Constructed Wetlands 

      Lesikar, Bruce J. (2008-10-23)
      A constructed wetland system for domestic wastewater treatment is designed to mimic the natural wetland treatment process of Mother Nature. This publication explains the treatment, design, operation and maintenance of ...
    • The Minimum Price Contract 

      Waller, Mark L.; Amosson, Stephen H.; Welch, Mark; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-10-17)
      A minimum price contract is one of many tools a marketer may use to better manage price and production risk while trying to achieve financial goals and objectives. This publication discusses the advantages and disadvantages ...
    • U.S. Agriculture and International Trade 

      McCorkle, Dean; Benson, Geoffrey A.; Marchant, Mary; Rosson, C. Parr (1999-06-23)
      International markets are important for many U.S. farm products and greatly affect U.S. agriculture. This publication discusses the causes of import change, the export product mix, major markets, and markets of the future.
    • Agricultural Trade and the U.S. Economy 

      McCorkle, Dean; Taylor, Timothy G.; Fairchild, Gary F.; Harris, Harold M.; Rosson, C. Parr (1999-06-23)
      As U.S. government support to agriculture declines, understanding the economic impacts of agricultural trade and how markets and competition are affected will take on added importance for farmers, agribusinesses, policy ...
    • Developing a Marketing Plan 

      Bevers, Stan; Waller, Mark L.; Amosson, Stephen H.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-03-02)
      Developing a good marketing plan will help you identify and quantify costs, set price goals, determine potential price outlook, examine production and price risk, and develop a strategy for marketing your crop. This ...
    • Understanding Forage Quality Analysis 

      Stokes, Sandra R.; Prostko, Eric P. (1998-03-23)
      This publication discusses forage characteristics important to dairy rations and explains quality parameters such as protein and fiber content and relative feed value.
    • Coping with Coyotes 

      Rollins, Dale (1997-06-19)
      Coyotes are found throughout Texas. This publication describes their physical characteristics and behavior, as well as the signs that indicate coyote presence and damage to livestock. Suggestions on how to prevent damage ...
    • Quick Stain Removal Guide 

      Brown, Pamela J. (1998-07-29)
      Many stains can be removed from clothing if treated quickly. This publication discusses pre-treating and removing stains in washable fabrics.
    • Laundry on Your Own 

      Brown, Pamela J. (1998-07-30)
      This publication explains how to remove stains, read care labels, sort and load clothes into a washer, and choose detergents and water temperature. A chart shows how to match fabrics with correct water temperatures and ...
    • Record Improvement Guide 

      Lepley, Toby (2000-09-06)
      This book gives 4-H'ers step-by-step instructions for completing a 4-H recordbook, including the personal information page, the 4-H story and portfolio, the report form and resume.
    • Integrating Deer, Quail and Turkey Habitat 

      Lyons, Robert K.; Ginnett, Tim F. (2001-09-10)
      With the proper management strategies, white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail and Rio Grande turkey habitat can be integrated in one wildlife enterprise.