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    • The Window Strategy with Options 

      McCorkle, Dean; Amosson, Stephen H.; Fausett, Marvin (1999-06-23)
      The window strategy is one of several marketing strategies using futures and options to establish a floor price and allow for upside price potential. It also reduces option premium costs. This publication discusses how the ...
    • Juniper Biology and Management in Texas 

      Lyons, Robert K.; Owens, M. Keith; Machen, Richard V. (2009-04-23)
      Junipers (or cedars) are a major management concern on Texas rangelands. This publication discusses physical characteristics of the two major species in western Texas--ashe juniper and redberry juniper. Watershed management, ...
    • North American Free Trade and U.S. Agriculture 

      Rosson, C. Parr; Benson, Geoffrey A.; Moulton, Kirby S.; Sanders, Larry D. (1999-06-23)
      The use of trade agreements to achieve both domestic and international trade policy objectives is increasing. This may cause either more market access and rising exports, or more import competition and lower prices. This ...
    • Post-Harvest Marketing Alternatives 

      McCorkle, Dean; Welch, Mark (2009-02-04)
      The marketing time frame for crops can be divided into three parts--pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest. This publication focuses on the more common post-harvest marketing strategies using forward contracts, storage, ...
    • Using Soluble Calcium to Stimulate Plant Growth 

      Feagley, Sam E.; Fenn, Lloyd B. (1998-09-09)
      Research has shown that applying soluble calcium with urea, an ammonium form of nitrogen, can improve crop production. This publication reports the results of research with bermudagrass, rice and various vegetable crops. ...
    • Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle V: Type and Breed Characteristics and Uses 

      Hammack, Stephen P. (2008-03-18)
      A fundamental challenge in commercial beef production is matching genetic capability with climatic, nutritional, management and market conditions. This publication discusses functional levels of types and breeds of cattle ...
    • Economic Impact of the Texas Poultry Industry 

      Carey, John B. (2004-12-02)
      It is estimated that the Texas poultry industry contributes more than $1.6 billion to the state's economy, according to results of a survey of broiler, egg and turkey producers operating in 2003. Details about industry ...
    • Swine Pneumonia 

      Lawhorn, D. Bruce (1998-06-18)
      Swine pneumonia can have many causes and may result in mild to severe disease symptoms and economic losses. This publication discusses bacterial, viral, parasitic and other causes, as well as, diagnosis, treatment, prevention ...
    • Balance Sheet -- A Financial Management Tool 

      Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-09-16)
      A balance sheet is a statement of the financial condition of a business at a specific time. This publication briefly discusses the balance sheet, its uses, and how to evaluate it.
    • Reducing Herbicide Entry into Surface Waters 

      Baumann, Paul A.; Bean, Brent W. (1999-10-07)
      Many agricultural practices can reduce the entry of herbicides into surface waters, including reducing the rate used and properly timing applications. Other practices, such as terracing and furrow diking, can reduce water ...
    • Some Facts About Atrazine 

      Baumann, Paul A.; Ketchersid, Mary (1999-10-07)
      Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in Texas corn and grain sorghum production. It is also used in lawn products. Atrazine can run off the site of application and enter surface water if applied incorrectly, but it ...
    • Horse Theft Awareness and Prevention - Identification of Horses 

      Gibbs, Pete G.; Wall, Leman H.; Householder, Doug (1998-08-12)
      Permanently identifying horses can deter theft and help prove ownership. This publication discusses hot-iron branding, freeze branding, electronic identification, lip tattoos, and using photographs, illustrations, parentage ...
    • Horse Theft Awareness and Prevention - 15 Steps to Minimizing Theft of Horses and Equipment 

      Gibbs, Pete G. (2003-09-26)
      Horse owners can take steps in the management and care of horses, facilities and equipment to minimize the risk of theft. This publication explains 15 ways to prevent horse theft.
    • Leasing vs. Buying Farm Machinery 

      Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-06-01)
      Equipment leasing has gained favor with farmers and ranchers in recent years. This publication discusses how to determine lease cost and analyzes lease vs. purchase options. An example of such an analysis is included.
    • Cash Flow Projection for Operating Loan Determination 

      Klinefelter, Danny A.; McCorkle, Dean (2009-02-04)
      A cash flow statement is simply a record of the dollars coming in and the dollars going out of a business. This publication briefly discusses cash flow and gives a cash flow projection for operating loan determination.
    • Organizing a Marketing Club 

      Smith, Jackie; Waller, Mark L.; Anderson, Carl; Welch, Mark (2008-10-21)
      A marketing club is a group of people who usually meet once or twice a month with the common goal of increasing their knowledge of marketing and other risk management concepts. This publication offers suggestions for ...
    • Good Sources of Nutrients: Vitamin B-12 

      Scott, Amanda; Replogle, Jacqueline (2008-08-28)
      Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body form red blood cells, build genetic material, and metabolize protein and fat. This publication explains how people can get enough vitamin B-12 in their diets and ...
    • Good Sources of Nutrients: Vitamin A 

      Scott, Amanda; Replogle, Jacqueline (2008-08-28)
      Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body form and maintain healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. This publication explains how people can get enough vitamin A in their diets and how to prepare foods to ...
    • Irrigation Water Quality Standards and Salinity Management Strategies 

      Fipps, Guy (2003-04-30)
      This publication contains guidelines for determining whether water is suitable for irrigation and explains how water is classified by the type and degree of salinity problems it poses. Methods of alleviating these problems ...
    • Good Sources of Nutrients: Iron 

      Scott, Amanda; Replogle, Jacqueline (2008-08-28)
      Iron is a mineral that functions primarily to carry oxygen in the body. This publication explains how people can get enough iron in their diets and how to prepare foods to retain iron. It also lists foods that are good ...