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    • Introduction to Options 

      Mintert, James R.; Welch, Mark (2009-01-07)
      Options give the agricultural industry a flexible pricing tool to assist in price risk managment. This publication defines an option and gives a brief introduction to this tool.
    • Income Statement -- A Financial Management Tool 

      Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-09-16)
      An income statement measures the success of a business in terms of net income or loss for a period of time. An income statement of a farm business includes items in seven major categories. This publication describes each ...
    • Definitions of Marketing Terms 

      McCorkle, Dean; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C. (2008-12-05)
      This publication defines many of the marketing terms producers may encounter.
    • Retained Ownership Strategies for Cattlemen 

      Davis, Ernest E.; Mintert, James R.; McGrann, James M. (1999-06-23)
      Retained ownership, or market integration, involves carrying over a production activity into the next phase of preparation for the marketplace. This publication discusses the advantages associated with this production and ...
    • Analyzing Replacement Stock Alternatives 

      Falconer, Lawrence; McGrann, James M.; Parker, John; Jones, Rodney (2008-10-21)
      Replacement management strategy involves comparing the values of the breeding stock you own with the value of potential replacements, and then choosing the investment with the highest expected worth. This publication ...
    • Break-even Costs for Cow/Calf Producers 

      Sprott, L. R. (1998-10-14)
      Calculating the break-even costs of production can help cow/calf producers make better management decisions for the current year or for the near future. This publication explains how to figure break-even costs.
    • Managing Warm-season Improved Pastures 

      Stichler, Charles; Prostko, Eric P.; Livingston, Stephen (1998-10-09)
      The quality and quantity of forage in pastures change throughout the year. This publication discusses weed control, fertilization, grazing management and rotational grazing as effective ways to manage pastures for quality ...
    • Obtaining and Using USDA Market and Production Reports 

      Bevers, Stan; Amosson, Stephen H.; Smith, Jackie; O'Brien, Daniel (2008-10-07)
      Producers who have superior information hold a distinct marketing advantage over those who do not. This publication lists various sources of marketing and production information and where to obtain them.
    • Financial and Economic Terms 

      McCorkle, Dean; Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-12-05)
      This publication lists and defines many financial and economic terms with which producers should be familiar.
    • Financial Management: The Key to Farm-Firm Business Management 

      Pena, Jose G.; Klinefelter, Danny A. (2008-10-17)
      Those who succeed will manage their operations as farm/ranch businesses, with more emphasis on recordkeeping, planning, profitability analysis and repayment-based financing, and with better production and business monitoring ...
    • Range Monitoring with Photo-points 

      McGinty, Allan; White, Larry D. (1998-08-31)
      Photo-points provide a way for owners/managers to monitor rangeland health with a minimum of time and expense. This publication explains when, where and how often to photograph rangeland points, how to set up a photo point, ...
    • Managing Insect Pests of Texas Sunflower 

      Patrick, Carl D. (1999-02-15)
      Insect pests are often a major limiting factor in Texas sunflower production. This publication describes the major insect pests infesting the sunflower head, stalk, foliage and roots, and offers suggestions for controlling ...
    • Managing For High-quality Hay 

      Stichler, Charles; Bade, David H. (1998-09-22)
      This publication highlights the factors determining hay quality and discusses fertility and water interaction, harvesting, quality losses and storage losses.
    • Livestock Basis 

      Mintert, James R.; Davis, Ernest E.; Dhuyvetter, Kevin C.; Bevers, Stan (1999-06-23)
      Knowledge of historical basis patterns can be useful when estimating expected sale or purchase prices at the conclusion of a futures or options hedge, when evaluating a current cash market quote, and when forecasting cash ...
    • 4-H Show Lamb Guide 

      Craddock, Frank; Stultz, Ross (1998-11-30)
      This pocket guide is a reference for 4-H members who raise show lambs. The manual covers facilities and equipment needs, lamb selection, nutrition, health, management and feeding, fitting and showing.
    • 4-H Meat Goat Guide 

      Craddock, Frank; Stultz, Ross (2006-10-30)
      This pocket guide is for 4-H members participating in meat goat projects. It covers facilities and equipment needs, goat selection, nutrition, health, management and feeding, fitting and showing.
    • Knowing and Managing Grain Basis 

      Amosson, Stephen H.; Mintert, James R.; Tierney Jr., William I.; Waller, Mark L. (1999-06-23)
      Understanding trends and/or tendencies in basis movement can help a producer make good decisions for minimizing basis risk. This publication discusses the basis itself, its variability, how to track it, and how to manage ...
    • Texas Adapted Genetic Strategies for Beef Cattle--04: Breeding Systems 

      Hammack, Stephen P. (2003-08-20)
      Beef cattle producers face two types of breeding decisions--which animals will be allowed to reproduce and which males will be bred to which females. This leaflet describes various breeding systems in detail and discusses ...
    • Producing Quail for Home Consumption 

      Thornberry, Fredrick D. (1998-08-21)
      Hobby and backyard producers are becoming interested in producing quail for home consumption. This publication gives tips on housing and brooding, nutrition, lighting, cannibalism, health and slaughter. It includes three recipes.
    • Hedging With a Put Option 

      Anderson, Carl; Smith, Jackie; McCorkle, Dean; O'Brien, Daniel (1999-06-23)
      Put options are a pricing tool with considerable flexibility for managing price risk. This publication discusses some put option basics, how put options work and how to use them.