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    • Agriculture Taxes in Texas 

      Jones, Lonnie L.; Stallmann, Judith I. (2002-02-18)
      This publication explains the tax exemptions and special provisions available to Texas farmers, ranchers and agribusiness managers and the effect of those exemptions on state and local governmental revenues.
    • Anionic Salt Programs for Close-Up Dry Cows 

      Stokes, Sandra R. (1998-12-17)
      Dairy farmers can improve long-term milk production by having a well-managed program for dry cows during the last 3 weeks before calving. This publication explains how an anionic salt program can help control subclinical ...
    • Avoiding Calving Problems 

      Sprott, L. R. (1998-03-12)
      Calving difficulty, or dystocia, is influenced largely by genetics and the age of the dam. The main cause of calving problems is heavy birthweight. Solutions include selecting the right bull and mating it to properly ...
    • Basic First Aid 

      Schoessow, Courtney (2005-09-30)
      Keep this list handy so you'll know how to give basic first aid to treat cuts, heat exhaustion, and other accidents and injuries.
    • Basic Marketing of Texas Cotton: Forward Contracts, Cash Sales, Marketing Pools, and the USDA Loan Program 

      Robinson, John; Park, John; Smith, Jackie; Anderson, Carl (2006-10-10)
      This publication explains basic marketing alternatives for cotton producers, including forward contracts, cash sales, marketing pools and USDA loan programs.
    • Biological Control of Saltcedar 

      Knutson, Allen E.; DeLoach, C. Jack; Muegge, Mark A. (2003-10-21)
      Saltcedar is an exotic shrub or small tree that has spread throughout the rivers, streams and lakes of west and southwest Texas and other areas of the western United States. This brochure explains an effort to introduce ...
    • Body Condition, Nutrition and Reproduction of Beef Cows 

      Herd, Dennis B.; Sprott, L. R. (1998-03-16)
      Producers must be able to evaluate beef cows' body reserves and to relate the evaluation to reproductive and nutritional management. Topics discussed include the practical importance of body condition scoring and various ...
    • Boxelder Bugs 

      Brown, Wizzie (2007-07-27)
      When many boxelder bugs enter a home, they can become a nuisance and can stain walls and other surfaces with their excrement. This publication explains how to control them and keep them out of homes.
    • Break-even Costs for Cow/Calf Producers 

      Sprott, L. R. (1998-10-14)
      Calculating the break-even costs of production can help cow/calf producers make better management decisions for the current year or for the near future. This publication explains how to figure break-even costs.
    • Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control 

      Barr, Charles L. (2005-10-17)
      This guide addresses common questions from both consumers and professional pesticide applicators about using broadcast baits to control fire ants. It covers bait basics, treatment method choices, applicator and environmental ...
    • Brush Busters Mixing Guide 

      McGinty, Allan; Ueckert, Darrell (2004-02-05)
      This easy-to-use guide gives mixing instructions for sprays to control huisache, mesquite, redberry cedar, saltcedar, tallowtree and yucca and to treat hardwood cut stumps. It can easily be attached to a sprayer if desired
    • Brush Busters: How to Manage Macartney Rose 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne (2004-12-22)
      Macartney rose poses serious management problems for livestock producers in Southeast Texas to the Middle Coastal Prairie. It is best controlled using the three-step method described in this publication.
    • Brush Busters: How to Control Huisache 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne; Lyons, Robert K. (2004-12-22)
      Huisache is a tough, invasive plant that limits forage production and lowers the value of the wildlife habitat in the eastern half of Texas. This publication offers two three-step methods to control huisache; both are easy, ...
    • Brush Busters: How To Take Out Tallowtrees 

      Hanselka, C. Wayne (2004-12-22)
      Chinese tallowtrees have invaded many upland and wetland sites on the Texas Coastal Prairie. Two control methods--the leaf spray method and the stem spray method--are effective. Both are explained in this publication.
    • Brush Busters: How to take the Luck out of Controlling Yucca 

      McGinty, Allan; Ueckert, Darrell (2004-12-22)
      Two effective methods of controlling yucca on rangeland are described in this publication. One method uses a spray mixture of herbicide and oil. The second method uses undiluted herbicide. Proper procedures for each method ...
    • Bull Management for Cow/Calf Producers 

      Sprott, L. R.; Carpenter, Bruce B.; Thrift, Todd A. (2005-09-09)
      Management techniques can help ensure that bulls contribute their fullest production potential and improve the chances of high fertility. Proper bull selection and management from weaning through maturity will boost their ...
    • Buying Vs. Raising Replacement Heifers 

      Cleere, Jason (2006-01-02)
      When deciding on the best strategy for replacing heifers, beef cattle producers should weigh several factors. This publication discusses several such issues, including current and future market prices; herd size; pastures, ...
    • Carbon Markets: A Potential Source of Income for Farmers and Ranchers 

      Ribera, Luis; Zenteno, Joaquin; McCarl, Bruce (2009-03-10)
      Agricultural producers may be able to increase their earnings by selling carbon credits to large carbon emitters. This publication explains the origins of the carbon market, the types of projects agriculturists can undertake, ...
    • Caring for Important Papers after a Flood 

      FCS Project Team - FDRM UNIT (2005-09-30)
      This publication explains how to dry and clean papers amd books damaged by water.
    • Caring for Important Papers after a Flood (Spanish) 

      FCS Project Team - FDRM UNIT (2007-09-30)
      This publication explains how to dry and clean papers and books damaged by water.