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    • La Grange, Texas Housing Needs Assessment 

      Byler, Scott; Cooper, John T. Jr.; Van Zandt, Shannon S.; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Tedford, Emily (Texas A&M University, 2015-06)
      The City of La Grange has been experiencing growth at a higher rate than expected in the City’s comprehensive plan. Due to this, the City is nearing build out capacity and housing has become limited. Local real estate agents ...
    • Salado Texas Master Plan Booklet 

      Blount, Clayton; Kuehner, Courtney; Wells, Jane; Kidwall, Logan; Hajovsky, Tamara; Williams, Ashton; Mendez, Kristal; Mikulik, Blaine; Perez, Andrew; Toungate, Andrew; Finch, Amelia; Patek, Marie; Stein, Kaitlin; Tabuena, Trevor; Jayroe, Hunter; Wood, Bryce; Anderson, Christina; Herrmann, Taylor; Garcia, Yamile; Perales, Erica; Kabalin, Erika; Rojas, Annamarya; Christman, Erik; McCreary, Michelle; Spaulding, Kim; Parsons, Stephen (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • The City of Jonestown: Wastewater Master Plan 

      Dunavant, Aaron; LaDue, Cassian; Rejcek, Kayla; Saaverda, Andrea; Luhutsky, Natalie; Marchetti, Thomas; Molina, Amy; Niao, Yan (Texas A&M University, 2015-04-27)
      The City of Jonestown is committed to responsible planned development, economic vitality, public service improvements, continued park expansions, and overall improved quality of life for its residents. Developing and ...
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Jiang, Ying; Thapa, Jeewasmi; Safarova, Bara (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Jefferson County State of the Community Report 

      Chen, Xi; Lee, Kanghyun; Aldalbahi, Faisal (Texas A&M University, 2015)
      The objective of this report is to give an overview of the essential planning ele-ments of Jefferson Coun-ty. This state of community report will begin with demo-graphic analysis, continue with economic, transportation, ...
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Cousins, Tiffany; English, Jeffrey; Meng, Yi (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Fort Collins County State of the Community Report 

      Prelog, Rachel; Raza, Fathima; Hamidah, Nur (Texas A&M University, 2015)
      This State of the Community Report provides an overview of current social and economic conditions in Fort Collins, CO. The key objective of the report is to elucidate current situations and or factors that are important ...
    • Burleson County State of the Community Report 

      Doremus, Lindsay; De Oliveira, Thiago Coelho; Simcic, Lauren (Texas A&M University, 2015)
    • Presidio County State of the Community Reprort 

      Xiao, Dong; Hwang, Jinuk; McCharen, Rob (Texas A&M, 2015)
      Presidio County, Texas is nestled in far west Texas (Trans-Pecos) next to Big Bend National Park. This county presented a unique challenge due to the limited amount of information available to the general public. Request ...
    • Navasota Neighborhood Day 

      Texas Target Communitites (Texas A&M University, 2014)
      The vision for Navasota Neighborhood Day included a combination tactics and after providing a broad overview, students asked meeting participants to split into smaller breakout groups to discuss the specifics.
    • The Downtown Area of Jonestown, Texas. 

      Booth, Geoffrey; Molina, Daniel; Santos, Alexander; Garcia, Laura; Garcia, Sarah; Olivarez, Christopher; Wolff, Alec; Richarson, Jennifer; Romero, Megan; Beckett, Katherine; Strom, Robert; Cheek, Joseph; Davis, Zachary; Guerra, Daniel; McIntyre, Scott; Bishop, William; Hoff, Austin; Hernandez, Alex; Stewart, Sean; Kulka, William; Whitis, Dillon; Couvillion, Sarah; English, Garrett; Vasylyeva, Anastasiya; Allen, Jacob; Jorgenson, Davis; Kaska, Michael; Terrazas, Nathan; Barnete, Beau; Garcia, Karina; Cruz, Sarah; Harwell, Ethan (Texas A&M University, 2014-10-03)
      Three projects are focused on the city of Jonestown. The first being a Quadruple Net Value Analysis report generated by undergraduate Land and Property Development students. The second is a public sewer feasibility study ...
    • Lakeway Comprehensive Plan 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University, 1999)
      Two courses worked with community members at several public meetings to vision a future for Lakeway. With that and city assessments, city growth projections and recommendations were made.
    • City of Cuero Site Analysis and Redevelopment Recommendations 

      Bright, Elise; Galindo, Dan; Briggs, Jared; Hill, Kelli; Lehert, Angie; Miller, Kristi; Newcomer, Erin; Nguyen, Truong; Proctor, Nathanael; Shrestha, Anushma; Thomas, John Earl; Webster, Abigail; Zhou, Lijing (Texas A&M University, 2009)
      Cuero Development Corporation Master Plan- Developed a plan for the best use of a 4.519-acre property. Conducted a comprehensive assessment of options for the development of the property.
    • Beaumont North End Community Revitalization Vision 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University, 2008)
      Beaumont Neighborhood Conditions Report- With the Beaumont Housing Authority, one course assessed current neighborhood completed a detailed survey and inventory of existing conditions. Northend Community Revitalization ...
    • Brownwood Comprehensive Plan 2012 

      Giggs, Martin; Brooks, Jonathan; Kumassah, Allen; Young, Travis; Andrews, Kevin; Kaspar, Joey; Yang, Jing; Hu, Zhengyang; Shi, Danyu; Cooper, Brad; Cross, Jeremy; Key, Lindsay; Creevy, Nick; Reynolds, Kymberly; Farquharson, Kamala; Saenz, Steven; Vandersall, Kevin; Withrow, Ryan (Texas A&M University, 2012)
      Three courses were devoted to the assessment of past and current community conditions and made recommendations of projected growth in the following areas: economic development, housing, land use mapping, zoning mapping, ...
    • Richwood State of the Community 2010 

      Lasley, Paul; Cooper, Brad; Lasley, Phil; Key, Lindsay; Chen, Xi; Oomsen, Thomas (Texas A&M University, 2010)
      Three courses developed the plan, assessing current conditions of all community components, including, demographics, infrastructure and transportation, land use development, facilities management, environmental conditions ...
    • Navasota State of the City & Supplemental Reports 

      Caraballo, Stephany; Coleman, Alex; Hyde, Allison; Shelnutt, Andrew; Dai, Boya; Espinoza, Carlos; Lazaro, Christopher; Han, Dondjin; Medina, Izel; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Su, Jin; Crosby, Kevin; Sengupta, Koly; Chen, Long; Cutaia, Louis; Lopez, Michael; Martin, Michael; Barrios, Nair; Lin, Rosie; Tan, Shuman; Tang, Taoi; Tran, Tho; Hansen, Todd; Peackock, Walter M; Bright, Elise (Texas A&M University, 2013)
      In total, over the years, eleven courses have worked in the city of Navasota. These plans have assessed the conditions of the city and have made recommendations for economic growth, downtown revitalization, land use ...
    • Gonzales Comprehensive Plan 

      Bright, Elise; Cutaia, Louis; Barrios, Nair; Brinkman, Travis; Caraballo, Stephany; Chen, Long; Coleman, Alex; Crosby, Kevin; Dai, Boya; Espinoza, Carlos; Han, Dondjin; Hansen, Todd; Hyde, Allison; Lazaro, Christopher; Lin, Rosie; Lopez, Michael; Martin, Michael; Masterson, Jaimie Hicks; Medina, Izel; Peackock, Walter M; Sengupta, Koly; Shelnutt, Andrew; Su, Jin; Tan, Shuman; Tang, Taoi; Tran, Tho (2013)
      Gonzales Comprehensive Plan Five courses were devoted to the development of the comprehensive plan. Students assessed past and current conditions and projected growth in the following areas: transportation and infrastructure, ...
    • Troy, Texas Comprehensive Plan 

      Cross, Jeremy; Shankar, Preeti; Shen, Jian; Wade, Heather; Bright, Elise (Texas A&M University, 2011)
      Three courses assessed past, current, and future conditions related to environmental components, demographic make-up, land use development opportunities, transportation and infrastructure analyses and facilities management.
    • Downtown Revitalization Sealy, Texas 

      Unknown author (Texas A&M University, 2010)
      Provided useful service and assistance to the Sealy Economic Development Corporation in its decision-making process. To develop a design and other related options for the downtown area, in order to enhance economic viability.