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dc.contributorLiu, Yunde
dc.contributorGu, Zhongqing
dc.contributorWang, Shengjin
dc.contributorYin, Hao
dc.creatorPoston, Dudley L., 1940-
dc.creatorFalbo, Toni
dc.descriptionThe Changchun Children Data-set consists of data on 1,461 children in Changchun schools. The survey was conducted in the urban and rural areas of Changchun, a city in Jilin Province in northeastern China in June and July of 1987. Dudley Poston (Texas A&M University) and Toni Falbo (University of Texas) conducted the survey in collaboration with Liu Yunde, Gu Zhongqing, Wang Shengjin, and Yin Hao, all of them (at the time) demographers at the Population research Institute of Jilin University. The survey contained four parts, with the children's teachers and parents (usually the mothers) each completing two parts. The data-set contains 33 variables for each of the children in the survey. For a detailed statement about the survey see D. Poston and T. Falbo, "Academic performance and personality traits of Chinese Children: 'Onlies' versus Others," American Journal of Sociology 96 (September, 1990), esp. pp. 437-441. The data-set is formatted in Stata, Version 8, accompanied by a codebook.en
dc.relation.ispartofChina Archive. Demographic Dataen
dc.titleChangchun Children Data Seten

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  • Demographic Data
    The demographic data-sets include censuses and surveys conducted by the People’s Republic of China. Also included are data-sets produced from related and associated demographic and sociological surveys conducted in China by independent investigators.

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