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    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Zelditch, Morris Jr. (2015-07-19)
      This is the first statement of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states and a form of the manuscipt was published by the authors (1966). The theory generalizes the theory of performance expectations first ...
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Process Model 

      Berger, Joseph; Cohen, Bernard P.; Conner, Thomas L.; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2015-07-21)
      This technical report describes how status inequality can produce similar inequality of expectation states, and how the interaction process is affected by the status generalization process. It elaborates some ideas in the ...
    • The Transfer of Status Expectations 

      Markovsky, Barry; Smith, Le Roy F; Berger, Joseph (2015-08-15)
      The authors investigate transfer of a status intervention—introducing a specific status characteristic to reduce expectation effects of a diffuse status characteristic—across tasks and interactants. Experimental results ...