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    • Addressing Insider Threats from Smart Devices 

      Webb, Allen T (2017-07-05)
      Smart devices have unique security challenges and are becoming increasingly common. They have been used in the past to launch cyber attacks such as the Mirai attack. This work is focused on solving the threats posed to and ...
    • Firewall Configuration and Path Analysis for Smart Grid Networks 

      Gaudet, Nastassja (2020-08-28)
      The objective of this research is to develop a complete cyber topology model of the Texas 2000- bus synthetic grid, and to study the data flow through utility companies to defend their networks from cyber-attacks. Specifically, ...
    • Virtual Patching: Fighting Brute Force Attacks in a Software Defined Network 

      Nelson, Blake
      A new design for virtual patching applications is presented for software defined network environments. Based on OpenFlow implementation, a software defined network can be programmed to intelligently detect threats and ...