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    • Creation of Chimera Through the Usage of an Inspirational System 

      Parish, Brandi Nicole (2013-04-23)
      My thesis involves studying the nature of chimera through history and how certain aspects of chimeras represent specific features of dualities in human nature. The research was reflected in a series of sketches, where one ...
    • Developing visual associations through filmmaking 

      Shetti, Vishwanand Venkatesh (Texas A&M University, 2008-10-10)
      Associations are embedded in many aspects of filmmaking. It is this artist's goal to analyze visual associations in the process and product of an original narrative video piece called Discretion. Character relationships ...
    • Double Helix 

      Stumpo, Jeffrey David (2012-07-16)
      Double Helix approaches the conjunction of visual poetry and long poetry from two distinct but related viewpoints. The first is a scholarly examination of the techniques used to make a long poem visual or a visual poem ...