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    • Development of the TAMUTRAP Facility for Precision Beta-Decay Studies 

      Mehlman, Michael S (2015-04-30)
      The Texas A&M University Penning Trap Facility (TAMUTRAP) is an ion trap system currently under construction, that will be used for precision nuclear physics experiments with radioactive beams provided by the Cyclotron ...
    • Superallowed β-Decay Branching Ratio Measurement of 26Si 

      Bencomo, Miguel (2018-10-29)
      As part of the continued effort to test the unitarity of the Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, the branching ratio for the Tvz = -1 superallowed 0^+ → 0^+ positron-emitter ^26Si was measured precisely for the first time. ...