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    • The Design and Development of a High Enthalpy, Hypervelocity Expansion Facility 

      Marcotte, Evan Kelly (2016-11-29)
      Hypersonic vehicle development is an important problem of current national interest. Many of the key challenges, such as heat flux, are beyond our current predictive capability. Hence, experimentation is required to help ...
    • A treatise on nonlinear finite element analysis 

      Tillerson, Joe Richard
      The use of the finite element method of structural analysis in geometrically and materially nonlinear applications is described in this work. The basic equations of continuum mechanics required for the use of this analysis ...
    • Wake induced loads on helicopter rotor blades 

      Sandford, Thaddeus Howes
      The subject of this study is the effects of the curved wake on the airloads of a helicopter blade in hovering flight. In most investigations of unsteady airloads, two-dimensional strip theory is used and the wake is assumed ...