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    • Concrete Masonry Wall Retrofit Systems for Blast Protection 

      Johnson, Carol Faye (2013-12-11)
      The increased threat against government and public facilities in the United States and abroad has highlighted the need to provide an economic and efficient method to retrofit existing conventional structures. Hollow, ...
    • Exergy Analysis of the Steam Network in Tehran Oil Refinery and Evaluation with New Scenario 

      Khodaei, H.; Taheri, R.; Arghandeh, R. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 2009-05)
      The importance of energy crisis and global warming necessitates to present strategies in order to decrease the amount of emissions as well as fuel consumption in large and complex industries such as refining and petrochemical. ...
    • Field Verification of Energy and Demand Savings of Two Injection Molding Machines Retrofitted with Variable Frequency Drives 

      Liou, S. P.; Aguiar, D. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, 1999-05)
      Detailed field measurements of energy consumption (kWh) and demand (kW) are conducted on two injection molding machines (IMMs) used in a typical plastic manufacturing facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, with/without ...
    • How to Improve Productivity with Energy-Efficient Motors 

      Curley, J. P. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1983)
      A major concern of manufacturers today is how to improve productivity to remain competitive, catch-up with manufacturers who have already made significant productivity gains, or prevent foreign inroads in their markets. ...
    • Procedure for Applying an Open-Cycle Heat Pump to An Existing Evaporator 

      Wagner, J. R.; Brush, F. C. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 1984)
      An open-cycle heat pump, or mechanical vapor compression (MVC) system, is often an attractive technique for increasing the energy efficiency of an evaporator. With proper design, an MVC system is capable of dramatic cost ...
    • Retrofit Savings Determination for Wichita Falls Independent School District 

      Shao, X.; Baltazar-Cervantes, J. C.; Claridge, D. E. (Energy Systems Laboratory (, Texas A&M University, 2001)
    • Supermarket Energy Retrofit 

      Dazeley, J. (Energy Systems Laboratory ( A&M University (, 2012)
      Supermarkets use nationally significant quantities of energy with an average store exceeding 600 kWh/m2 pa. The reason is simple. The design of these stores is to maximise sales and minimise initial costs. Energy costs are ...