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    • Cross section for charmonium absorption by nucleons 

      Liu, W.; Ko, Che Ming; Lin, ZW. (American Physical Society, 2002)
      The cross section for J/psi absorption by nucleons is studied using a gauged SU(4) hadronic Lagrangian but with empirical particle masses, which has been used previously to study the cross sections for J/psi absorption by ...
    • Pentaquark Theta(+) production from the reaction gamma p ->pi K-+(-)Theta(+) 

      Liu, W.; Ko, Che Ming; Kubarovsky, V. (American Physical Society, 2004)
      The cross section for theta(+) production from the reaction gammap-->pi(+)K(-)theta(+), which was observed in the CLAS experiment at the Jefferson National Laboratory, is evaluated in a hadronic model that includes couplings ...