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    • Higher-order effects on the incompressibility of isospin asymmetric nuclear matter 

      Chen, Lie-Wen; Cai, Bao-Jun; Ko, Che Ming; Li, Bao-An; Shen, Chun; Xu, Jun. (American Physical Society, 2009)
      Analytical expressions for the saturation density of asymmetric nuclear matter as well as its binding energy and incompressibility at saturation density are given up to fourth order in the isospin asymmetry delta=(rho(n) ...
    • Isoscalar multipole strength in Cd-110 and Cd-116 

      Lui, YW; Youngblood, David H.; Tokimoto, Y.; Clark, HL; John, B. (American Physical Society, 2004)
      The giant resonance region from 10 MeV<E-x<55 MeV in Cd-110 and Cd-116 has been studied with inelastic scattering of 240 MeV alpha particles at small angles including 0degrees. In Cd-110(Cd-116), 88+21-13% (104+23-13%) of ...