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    • Directions in Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph (Stanford University Press, 1988)
      This WP was prepared for a conference on the current state and future prospects for status and expectations research. It summarizes theoretical and empirical investigations, and describes the present structure of the ...
    • A Revised Bibliography of Expectation States Research 

      Berger, Joseph; Zelditch, Morris Jr (2017-08-16)
      As titled. This WP is a revision and expansion of TR#67. Berger, Wagner, and Webster (2014) provide a newer, although focused, view of the program.
    • Status Characteristics and Expectation States: A Priori Model Parameters and Test 

      Fisek, M. Hamit; Norman, Robert Z.; Nelson-Kilger, Max (Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 1989)
      The authors theoretically derive f(i) parameter values for use in calculating relative expectations (ep – eo) in the graph model of the theory of status characteristics and expectation states. This WP was published by the ...